Our Special Event Spaces

Exterior of the Gregg Museum of Art & Design

We have several rental locations to suit the needs of a variety of rental events. 

Museum guests will have an opportunity to view all of the exhibitions currently on view within the Museum’s galleries during your event. Food and beverages are not permitted in the main ​galleries of the Museum, which include ​the ​J. Norwood ​and ​Valeria ​C. ​Adams ​Gallery, ​the ​Randy ​and ​Susan ​Woodson ​Gallery ​and ​the ​Robert ​Keith ​Black and ​J. ​Ormond ​Sanderson, ​Jr. ​Gallery.

Please be aware that space usage may change due to our rotating exhibition schedule – we will confirm the availability of the desired space or spaces and the requested date during your reservation process. See our Rental Guidelines for more details.


Lobby – The spacious ​1,872 ​square ​foot Museum ​lobby ​features ​high ​ceilings ​and ​a ​wall ​of ​windows ​that ​highlight ​the N. ​Alexander ​Miller ​III ​Gallery ​Terrace ​overlooking ​the ​Rose ​Jackson ​and ​Evelyn ​Thiem ​Pollinator ​Garden. ​The ​lobby accommodates ​a ​standing  ​reception ​event ​with ​up ​to ​125 ​guests ​and ​a ​seated ​reception ​event for ​up ​to ​70 ​guests (and includes access to the N. Alexander III Gallery Terrace*).


Thomas E. Cabaniss Historic Residence – The ​charming ​1,265 ​square ​foot ​historic ​residence portion ​of ​the ​Museum ​features ​several ​smaller ​rooms with ​​hardwood ​floors and traditional Georgian architectural features. By prior arrangement, it may also include ​access for a musician to play​ ​the Museum’s ​baby ​grand ​piano during your event. ​This ​side ​of the ​Museum ​affords ​a ​more ​intimate ​space ​for hosting ​standing ​cocktail ​receptions ​for ​up ​to ​52 ​guests ​and includes access to the David S. Thompson Garden Terrace*.



Ennis Gallery – Tucked inside the Thomas E. Cabaniss Historic Residence, the Lynn Jones Ennis Gallery is an ideal location to host a seated ​meeting ​or ​recital ​event ​for ​up ​to ​28 ​guests






Rose ​Jackson ​and ​Evelyn ​Thiem ​Pollinator ​Garden – The ​backdrop ​to ​the ​garden ​is ​defined ​by ​the ​beautifully restored brick ​fountain, ​a ​perennial border, ​and ​retaining ​walls ​surrounding ​garden. ​This ​beautiful ​location accommodates ​a ​seated ​wedding ​ceremony ​event of up ​to 160 ​guests or a seated reception event of up to120 guests (the ​maximum ​capacity ​of the ​garden ​and gallery ​terraces combined ​is ​200 ​people)


Full Facility – Booking the entire ground floor of the Museum would include the use of the lobby, the N. ​Alexander ​Miller ​III ​Gallery ​Terrace, the Thomas E. Cabaniss Historic Residence, the David ​S. ​Thompson ​Family ​Garden ​Terrace and the Rose ​Jackson ​and ​Evelyn ​Thiem ​Pollinator ​Garden. Combined, these spaces can accommodate an event of up to 350 guests.




*Special Note about Terraces:

Behind ​the ​Museum ​are ​the ​David ​S. ​Thompson ​Family ​Garden ​Terrace, ​accessible ​from ​the ​residence side, ​and ​the ​N. ​Alexander ​Miller ​III ​Gallery ​Terrace, ​accessible ​from ​the ​lobby. ​Both ​terraces ​overlook the Rose ​Jackson ​and ​Evelyn ​Thiem ​Pollinator ​Garden and ​feature ​outdoor furniture ​that will remain in place during rental events.