General Information, Rental Guidelines


Please consider the following information carefully as you plan for your event at the Gregg Museum.

Rental Rates

Rental rates range from $1,500 – $5,000, depending on the day and location of the event. The location of your event will be determined based on its size and scope. Rental events may not begin until 6:30 PM Tuesday through Sunday. The Museum is unavailable for rentals on Thursdays. A 50% deposit is required to book your event at the Gregg Museum of Art & Design (n/a for NC State clients).

NC State and non-profit rental rates are available. To obtain non-profit pricing, a current tax exemption form is required.

Map of Rental Spaces


Space Assignment

You ​may ​visit ​the ​Gregg ​at ​any ​time ​during ​Museum ​hours. You ​do ​not ​need ​an ​appointment ​with the ​Events ​& ​Facilities ​Coordinator, but are welcomed ​to ​schedule ​one ​if ​you ​need ​to ​discuss ​your ​event. ​However, ​please ​notify ​the ​Events ​& ​Facilities ​Coordinator ahead ​of ​time ​to ​ensure ​the ​Museum ​staff ​will ​be ​anticipating ​your ​visit.

When you decide to hold your event at the Gregg Museum, a walk-through is required with the Events and Facilities Coordinator to discuss logistics, including AV, tables and chairs, parking, and other facility-related topics. Specific details for the implementation of activities will be developed mutually for each time-limited space assignment.

Once an event request is approved, the Gregg Museum of Art & Design will determine which of the facility’s spaces may be used for the event and where food and beverages may be served. The designated contact person for the event will meet with the Events and Facilities Coordinator (no later than two weeks prior to the event) to discuss, arrange and confirm the following logistics:

  • The set-up of the event (tables, AV equipment, etc.)
  • A list of vendors (caterer, bar service, musicians, etc.)
  • A timeline for setup and breakdown (plan for 1 hour before and after the event)
  • Estimated number of confirmed guests

Clients are responsible for ensuring that all equipment and supplies are removed prior to completely vacating the space by the designated end time of their agreement. If this is not accomplished, the client will be responsible for any additional costs associated with moving equipment and supplies as well as cleaning of the space.


Event Setup

Event Setup ​Load-In ​and ​Load-Out ​Times

Audio-Visual ​load-in ​and ​setup ​time ​is ​limited ​to ​2 ​hours ​for ​ALL ​Audio-Visual ​components ​for your ​event.

All ​vendor ​load-in ​and ​load-out ​times ​will ​be ​set ​by ​the ​Events ​& ​Facilities ​Coordinator. ​The Facility ​Rental ​Agreement ​states ​that ​no ​vendor ​load-in ​or ​load-out ​into ​spaces ​with ​art ​can take ​place ​while ​the ​Museum ​is ​open, ​unless ​the ​event ​takes ​place ​on ​the ​residence ​side ​of ​the Museum. ​Please ​keep ​this ​in ​mind ​when ​reviewing ​the ​schedule ​for ​your ​event. ​Please ​contact the ​Events ​& ​Facilities ​Coordinator ​with ​your ​proposed ​event ​timeline ​and ​agenda ​for ​approval.


Clients and their guests shall conduct the event in an orderly manner in full compliance with all applicable laws, ordinances, and regulations in accordance with the Museum and NC State University.  


Galleries & Exhibitions

Guests are allowed to view the exhibitions on view during your event. No food or drink is allowed in the galleries. Please see our map of available event spaces. Galleries are monitored during your event. Exhibitions are the foundation of the Gregg Museum of Art & Design and are subject to change without notification. Exhibitions present at the time of the event agreement signing may not be on display at the time of the event. Exhibitions and objects on display will not be removed or obstructed for events. Exhibitions change several times a year and at various times different galleries may be closed for installation. The Events and Facilities Coordinator will make you aware of the exhibition schedule when discussing your event specifics; however, the exhibition schedule may be subject to change. The Gregg Museum is unable to offer discounts on the Museum rental if your event occurs during an installation period, even if any galleries under installation / de-installation are blocked off and not accessible.

Protecting the Museum Environment

Exhibition lighting, furniture, fixtures, room temperature, and the placement of art objects in exhibition areas are all established according to Museum standards. These elements cannot be changed.

Event Photography is not permitted in any of our exhibition spaces due to copyright restrictions. Failure to obtain advance permission will result in the immediate termination of all photography and video.



Please consider this information carefully as you plan for your event at the Gregg Museum. There are certain restrictions given the nature of working in a museum environment to which we must adhere, for the safety of your guests and the protection of the collection and exhibitions. 

  • Food or beverages are not permitted within the galleries.
  • Food and beverages must be provided by a preferred caterer, and must include service.
  • Red wine, rosé and other colored beverages such as cranberry juice or tomato juice are NOT permitted and should not be served in any space within the Museum.
  • Kegs are not permitted onsite
  • Artwork may not be touched or moved in any way. Nothing may be leaned or propped against walls where artwork is installed. Extra caution should be taken around sculpture.
  • Furniture and accessories must be kept six feet from the artwork: this includes chairs, tables, coffee pots and chafing dishes.
  • No open flames, including tabletop votive (“tea”) candles, can be permitted inside or outside the Museum. All fireworks, including poppers or sparklers, are prohibited from the property.
  • Glitter, confetti or helium balloons are not allowed, either inside or outside the Gregg Museum. Neither rice or birdseed are allowed (for the safety of animals).
  • Decorations may not be affixed to any Museum walls, floors or ceilings in any manner.
  • All outside vendors must be approved by the Museum
  • All event details are subject to approval.
  • Rental fees do not include catering, tables, chairs, linens, specialty furniture, or tableware.
  • The Museum reserves the right to refuse rentals on the basis of availability, safety, or inappropriateness, as determined by Museum representatives.
  • The addition of signage, special event lighting and equipment to any area of the building must be approved in advance on a per-item basis by Museum staff.
  • Smoking is not permitted within the Museum. Smokers must keep at least 25 feet away from entrances if smoking outside, and butts must be fully extinguished and placed in receptacles.

Floral Guidelines
You may elect to hire the florist of your choice. However, to protect the artworks in the Museum, all florals must be approved ahead of time and will be inspected by the Events & Facilities Coordinator or other trained Museum staff for any indication of pest activity. All floral arrangements will be inspected upon delivery at the Museum. Florists should be present during the inspection.

Inspection Guidelines:

  • Only fresh-cut flowers and plants from commercial sources are permitted (please, no wild-flowers, plants, or greenery from private yards).
  • Pollen stamens should be removed from all flowers (commercial florists routinely remove pollen stamens for large arrangements).
  • No misting, spraying, or watering arrangements is permitted indoors.
  • Arrangements may be staged and prepped in the kitchen or on the outdoor terraces, as instructed by the Events & Facilities Coordinator.
  • Containers for arrangements should be ceramic, glass, plastic, or metal. No organic material containers (wicker, woven grasses, etc.), please. Vessels should be checked for leakage before arrival.
  • Plant containers intended for indoor use may only contain water or spill-resistant material like floral foam. No soil or potting mixture.

Alcohol Policy – General Policy & Beer/Wine Service

The Gregg Museum of Art & Design does not permit alcohol-only events. Substantial food must also be served. Clients renting the Museum may not bring in their own alcohol (beer, wine, or liquor) for events. In accordance with NC State University alcohol use requirements, consumption of alcohol on NC State University property is strictly limited to no more than two hours and must be served by a licensed bartender. A Request for Permission to Serve Alcohol form must be completed. The Events and Facilities Coordinator will submit this form for the appropriate university-level approval and signature.

Internal NC State University rental clients must also submit the Request for Permission to Serve Alcohol form to their respective Dean for approval. The Dean of DASA, and the departmental Dean will sign off on the alcohol request. Please allow time for both signatures to take place. The Events and Facilities Coordinator for the Gregg Museum of Art & Design is not permitted to serve as the signatory.

All the Gregg Museum approved caterers have NC ABC licenses to serve beer, wine and liquor. All caterers reserve the right to decline to serve alcohol to individuals who appear to be intoxicated. Guests should always be prepared to show photo identification with proof of age. For university-related events, students may be asked to present two forms of identification before consuming alcoholic beverages at any Museum event. Students may also be required to wear a wrist band provided by the rental client’s caterer to identify underage students attending the event.

Liquor Service (add-on to beer/wine service):

If you plan to serve liquor at your event you are required to obtain a Special One Time Use ABC Permit from the North Carolina Alcohol and Beverage Commission. The Special One Time Use ABC Permit application must be submitted to the Events and Facilities Coordinator 1 month in advance of your event for the appropriate university-level approval and signature (required prior to submitting to NCABC). The Special One Time Use ABC Permit application must be submitted 21 days in advance to the City of Raleigh Police Department and to the North Carolina Alcohol and Beverage Commission. A copy of your approved ABC Permit must be submitted to the Events and Facilities Coordinator prior to your event.


Cancellations, Changes

Changes in Space Requirements

The department and Museum will review the space assignment. Note that this review may result in a reduction in space assignment if the Events and Facilities Coordinator and/or other museum staff deems that the assigned space is not being used efficiently and/or effectively If this occurs, the agreement or external contract will be updated to reflect any changes.

Cancellation & Adverse Weather Policy

All events using any outdoor space are required to have an approved onsite rain plan. Should your plans change and necessitate cancelling your event, please notify the Museum as soon as possible. No cancellation will be accepted from anyone other than the Department / Organization Primary Event Contact.  Phone conversations, e-mails, and or other messages will not constitute cancellation.

The Museum reserves the right to cancel an event if the facilities are rendered unsuitable for the event. In the event of such cancellation, the user will not be liable for payment of fees for cancelled programs, nor will the Gregg Museum have any further liability or obligations regarding cancelled events. The Gregg Museum will work to find suitable time(s) for re-scheduling.