Our Team

Here is the Gregg Museum’s staff and contact information. For all general inquiries, please dial 919.515.3503 or email gregg@ncsu.edu. For media inquiries and information, please email the Marketing & Communications Coordinator, or call 919.515.5335. View the Gregg Museum organizational chart

Director Roger Manley 919.515.6162 Email Roger Manley
Registrar and Associate Director Mary Hauser 919.515.3102 Email Mary Hauser
Assistant Registrar Jordan Brothers Cao 919.513.7243 Email Jordan Cao
Art Preparator Matthew Gay 919.515.5337 Email Matt Gay
Collections Assistant Janine LeBlanc 919.515.1368 Email Janine LeBlanc
Curator of Education Zoe Starling 919.513.7244 Email Zoe Starling
Assistant Director of Development Kristin Hartzell 919.513.7244 Email Kristin Hartzell
Museum Operations Manager Hilary Leggette 919.515.7902 Email Hilary Leggette
Events and Facilities Coordinator Tamar Harris Warren 919.515.8956 Email Tamar Harris Warren

Marketing & Communications Coordinator Evelyn McCauley 919.515.5335 Email Evelyn McCauley

PLEASE NOTE: On leave from June 10 to July 15, 2019. Please make all inquiries during that time by calling 919.515.3503 or emailing gregg@ncsu.edu.
Visitor Services & Security Coordinator Jeannifer Sandoval 919.515.3503 Email Jeannifer Sandoval