Watch the winning Windhover event film

MAn in mustashce sitting on the ground, holding a letter

“Empowering the Artist” winner Austin Simons’ “The Toymaker”

A social media prompt was issued to submit pieces centered around theme of empowerment as part of the Windhover’s virtual event on December 14, 2020 “Empowering the Artist: From the Classroom to the Gallery”. The winner of the prompt was able to win a prize package including a guaranteed spot in the next Windhover magazine, and the display of their art on the Gregg Museum’s website

The Toymaker by Austin Simons

Here is what Austin has to say about his work: “As a film studies student, I was very excited when I decided to undertake the task of creating The Toymaker. I have studied a lot of films before, but never actually made a real one until now. I hope this film can be inspiring and empowering for all that watch it. Through it, I aim to show that while it is okay to have cultural differences with others, when you reach across those cultural boundaries, even in the most basic forms, humanity can prosper. I am extremely gracious for the warm reception it has received so far, and I hope it continues to touch those who continue to come across it.”

We congratulate Austin, along with the Windhover staff, on this great event, and look forward to Austin’s next film!

Austin Simons’ film “The Toymaker”