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Gregg Construction Update 5

After 3 more months of work construction is still steadily progressing. Electrical work has continued and is close to completion.  Drywall is mostly complete, wood baseboard is being installed and flooring is being finished in many areas.  The HVAC has been started up and the work to test and balance the systems has begun.  The brick pavers are being installed around the building.  The glass curtain walls are almost complete and the siding has been completed on the exterior of the new addition.  The asphalt is being laid and it won’t be long before final finishing touches are being installed in the building.  Check out the progress in the photographs below and look for another update soon!


Two men use their hands to position a boulder hanging from a bobcat operated by another worker.
Boulders being carefully placed along a soon to be poured concrete walkway.


Rear of 2 story building with a lower brick cladding and upper wood cladding.
The final portion of cedar siding going up on the addition.


View of 1920s residence on the right with new wood clad addition on the left, and a concrete walkway in the foreground.
The front of the museum is getting closer to completion.


View of large gallery with some tools, supply boxes and plywood on the floor.
The large gallery in the new addition.


Men working on the floor and up on a scissor lift installing electrical equipment.
Electrical being installed in the medium sized gallery.


View of the rooftop on the historic chancellors residence and the NC State bell tower peeking over the trees.
View from the top on the addition looking west towards the NC State bell tower.


Men working on installing siding to the addition, in a boom lift cantilevered over the formal garden.
Siding being installed on the addition.



Two men work a board into position on the side of the new addition.
HM Kern construction workers install the cedar siding on the addition.


Man using a chop saw to cut a long board while a supervisor looks on and another worker is installing the siding on a boom lift in the background.
HM Kern construction workers cutting the cedar siding for installation.


View of the rear of the building and the concrete pavers being laid from the new addition to tie into the formal garden.


A concrete walkway wraps around a tree and up a hill to a parking area with the Pullen Arts Center in the distance.
View of the new concrete walkway that meanders from the Gregg Museum through Pullen Park.


Four men working to fill, level and smooth sand into a base for installing concrete brick pavers.
Workers lay a sand foundation for concrete pavers to be installed.


Workers installing metal grills in between the two galleries.
View from the small gallery into the large gallery beyond.


Large room opening on the end to a smaller gallery and a light filled lobby on the right.
View of the large gallery looking south, with the lobby visible in the distance on the right.


One man operating a chop saw while another worker helps hold the long board to be cut.
Finish carpenters cutting wood baseboard for installation in the offices.


Two men working, one in a bobcat and another in a small backhoe leveling out the ground in front of the museum.
Construction workers prepare the road way for pavement installation.


A historic 1920's living room with new track lighting installed in the ceiling, the floors covered and paint that needs touch up.
View of a gallery space in the historic Chancellors residence.


Two men work a board into place above a low brick wall that sits in front of the museum.
HM Kern construction workers installing a wood bench in front of the museum.


A few workers are installing gray concrete pavers on the ground in front of the 2 story, cedar clad addition in the background.
Concrete pavers being installed in front of the new museum.


1920s brick residence on the left joins a contemporary, cedar clad addition on the right with a brick walled formal garden in the foreground.
View of the rear of the museum with the cedar siding nearing completion.


Front view of the museum looking south with construction materials and machinery in the way.
View of the front of the museum from the front lawn.


Reclaimed brick paver patio leads to a rear entrance of the museum and the brick walled formal garden.
View of the patio and formal garden in the rear of the museum.


Large open room with a curtain wall of glass windows and a small glass rail balcony on the right over looks the lobby below.
View of the lobby looking southwest.


Large open room with curtain glass walls on two sides and sawhorses and equipment in the middle of the room.
View of the lobby looking northwest.


Four men working on smoothing out a cylinder of concrete while two more dig a trench for electrical conduit.
Electrical workers installing post bases for street lights.


Two men operating roller carts to smooth out the asphalt paving with more workers laying asphalt in the distance.
The paving contractor working on paving the road and parking spaces on the Pullen Park side of the project.


Brick 1920s home on the left, a completely cedar clad addition on the right and a formal garden in the middle foreground.
View of the rear of the museum with the cedar siding complete.