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Shark Sitings at the Gregg…

October 1, 2019

Sitings of the “Sharktopus” have been reported around the Museum. A search for the creature has been slated for October 31. Authorities advise caution when visiting the Museum area – indoor activities including costumes and

Southbound Curators Visit the Gregg Oct. 3, 6pm

October 1, 2019

Mark Sloan and Mark Long of the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art  at the College of Charleston School of the Arts will speak about the culmination of years of research that brought together hundreds of

Major art-science exhibition opens on Oct. 17

October 1, 2019

Artists use the lens of biotech to envision our genetic futures at the Gregg and the Libraries Evolution has gotten life this far. Design may take it from here.   Art’s Work in the Age