About the Gregg

You won’t find a museum like the Gregg anywhere else.

A free collecting and exhibiting museum with more than 34,000 objects, we make our art easily accessible to the NC State community and public, because we know there’s nothing like seeing the real thing up close. Just contact us two weeks in advance to view something in our collection, and we’ll set it up (Due to the current construction underway for the new Gregg Museum at 1903 Hillsborough Street, and our upcoming office/collection move, we will be suspending collection access for the next few semesters).

From 19th century Japanese color woodblock prints to antique North Carolina quilts, our objects span cultures, disciplines and designs. In addition to having the largest collection of outsider art in North Carolina, we collect, preserve and exhibit:

  • Textiles, including garments
  • Ceramics
  • Paintings
  • Photography
  • Sculpture
  • Architectural drawings
  • Archaeological artifacts
  • Ethnographic materials
  • Modern furniture

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Gregg History

Gregg_construction and complete

The first Gregg Museum building added to Talley Student Center in 1992.

The Gregg did not begin as a museum; it became one.

The story began when a former NC State chancellor and dean sought to enhance NC State’s mission by acquiring and exhibiting art that reflects the university’s curricula. By the late 1970s this program had evolved into the Visual Arts Program. With the opening of an addition to Talley Student Center in 1992, it became the Visual Arts Center.

This addition was designed to accommodate a collection of up to 5,000 objects. Today, the Gregg Museum holds a collection of nearly seven times that.

The Friends of the Gregg was established in 1983 to enhance the mission and goals of the Gregg.

In 2007, the museum was renamed to honor John and Nancy Gregg, who were two of its most dedicated and beloved supporters. John, a graduate of the College of Textiles, was a member of NC State’s Board of Trustees. Nancy was a leader in the Raleigh arts community and a longtime docent at the North Carolina Museum of Art. During their lives, the Greggs committed themselves fully to the realization of a collecting and exhibiting art and design museum on NC State’s campus.

In May 2013 the Gregg moved from the second and third floors of Talley to a temporary space. The Gregg Museum reopens in its new home at 1903 Hillsborough Street on August 26, 2017.

Our Mission

As part of a research-extensive land-grant university, the Gregg Museum of Art & Design inspires creativity, innovation, and the expression of ideas. The Gregg Museum makes its collections and activities freely accessible to the university, community, and to the public.

In fulfilling its mission, the Gregg Museum

  • Acquires and preserves a collection relevant to the university and the state;
  • Encourages the use of the collection for teaching, learning, research and enjoyment.
  • Illuminates the human experience through thought-provoking exhibitions and publications; and
  • Facilitates critical and creative thinking, lifelong learning, and a passion for discovery through instruction and programs.

Visit us

The Gregg Museum is located at 1903 Hillsborough Street, Raleigh.

We hold:

Artists frequently visit the Gregg for exhibition openings, talks, lectures or symposia, providing students and the general public with the opportunity to interact with both the art and artists.