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The Gregg Museum of Art & Design strives to maintain the best possible accessibility standards. We welcome all visitors to experience the Gregg Museum, whether it is visiting an exhibition, attending a program, or exploring our gardens. We are eager to accommodate accessibility requests to enhance your experience.

What you should know before your visit:
Accessibility features

  • Two accessible parking spots (west side of the building) are available.
  • For drop-offs, the main entrance has a gracious flat area for unloading. This area is identified by brick pavers, different than the asphalt of the rest of the parking lot.
  • Automatic door openers are in use at the main entrance, as well as the back west entrance off the garden terrace.
  • There are two wheelchairs available at the front desk, including one over-sized.
  • A walker is also available upon request.
  • Gallery stools are available upon request for general visitors and tour groups. Please ask at the entrance desk.
  • Large-print exhibition labels are available at the front desk (or in the galleries themselves when possible) for visitors with low vision.
  • With prior notice, an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter can be made available for guided tours or public programs by emailing gregg@ncsu.edu or by calling 919.515.3503.
Gregg garden pathway
Sigma Nu garden pathway. Photo by Roger Winstead.
  • If visiting the Rose Jackson and Evelyn Thiem Garden behind the museum building, please note there is a meandering path on the east side to provide easier access to the garden itself. In order to access this path, one should exit the building from the residence side, or from the west entrance (next to the front desk) onto the garden terrace.

Other Visitor Accommodations

  • The main restrooms are located at the back of the main lobby on the left. Each is equipped with one accessible stall. There are also baby changing stations, one in the women’s restroom and one in the men’s. Additionally, if a single occupant toilet is preferred, one is available on the second floor. Take the elevator to the second floor, where it can be found across from the elevator landing. (Please be aware, the second floor is otherwise not open to the public).
  • There are lockers to store back-packs and any other personal items available across from the visitor services desk (quarters are available to borrow).
  • There is lobby seating available in form of arm chairs with backs and the galleries have changing bench arrangements, which vary according to exhibition layout (1 to 2 benches per gallery when possible). Additionally, there is permanent patio seating available in the back garden terraces for a respite while exploring the gardens.
  • Tour requests can be made on the tour request form. For questions about tours, please contact the Director of Education at 919.513.7244 or via e-mail.
  • There is limited free parking available at the Museum in marked spaces.
  • There is a bicycle rack on the east side of the parking lot (next to Pullen Memorial Baptist Church).

For any other requests or general questions please contact the main number prior to your visit at 919.515.3503 or gregg@ncsu.edu. If you have additional questions or recommendations for improving accessibility at the Gregg Museum, please contact the Visitor Services and Security Coordinator at 919.515.5335.