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3D Models and Scans

In 2022, the Gregg Museum collaborated with the NC State College of Design and Digital Education and Learning Technology Applications department to capture enhanced images of several of its textiles using photogrammetry and digital 3D models. The aim of these images is to provide better access and understanding of the rare and often fragile objects in the Gregg Museum to NC State students and to all users of the museum near and far. As time and funding permit, additional objects will be added to this page. 

To view these models, please use the links below. Depending on the type of object and how it was scanned, it will either be displayed as a 3D model in sketchfab that can be moved on your screen or as a highly detailed composite image of the object in your browser. For more information about each object, please follow the link for the object’s record in our online catalog.

3D Models

3D Handspun Quilt

Handspun Quilt


Model: https://go.ncsu.edu/homespun-quilt-2001.050.001

View catalog record HERE

3D model of navajo loom

Navajo Loom Model


Model: https://go.ncsu.edu/loom-edu045.001a-c

View catalog record HERE

High-Resolution Composite Images

Japanese silk scarf with illustrations about how silk is made

Japanese Silk Scarf


Model: https://go.ncsu.edu/silk-scarf-2002.034.153

View catalog record HERE

About the 3D objects: These 3D images were created as part of a DELTA Grant exploring photogrammetry in textiles for a class, ADN475 taught by the College of Design using objects from the Gregg Museum’s collection.