SPRING 2021 Programs

Virtual Experiences

January 21, 4pm
Welcome Week Guided Tour

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Join Gregg staff as we “walk” through the Gregg Museum, and provide a closer look at the current exhibitions.
Thursday, January 28, 4pm
Artist Virtual Interview Series: Andy Nasisse.
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Colorado ceramic artist and photographer Andy Nasisse talks about his work and process in conjunction with his current exhibition Animate Earth: Adventures in Mimetolithia. In the deserts of the Southwest, Nasisse photographs amazing landforms that resemble ghosts, ancient statues, or remnants of lost civilizations. In his studio, he makes ceramics that straddle the boundary between accidental and intentional, creating figures that seem to emerge from the clay on their own. All the while he engages with what is probably the most basic impulse of the human imagination:  the tendency to “see things in things” through his heightened sense of pareidolia.
Thursday, February 4, 4pm
Thoughts from the Artist:
Daniel Johnston, Part 1 

On the Gregg’s YouTube Channel

Youtube launch and gallery walk-through of A Thousand Throws and interview with master ceramic artist Daniel Johnston. Johnston combines his interests in architecture, engineering, installation art, and various traditions of making pottery to create works that control space and environment. By altering light, position, and how his work exists in the spaces he creates, he evokes new emotions that offer viewers a chance to take a journey that might change the way they interact with the pots—and with themselves.
Thursday, February 11, 4pm
Virtual Studio Visit:
Stephen Althouse

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Artist-photographer Stephen Althouse joins the Gregg Museum from his studio in Pennsylvania to discuss his artistic process and local Amish influences. “Like so many artists across time, I feel compelled to portray aspects of the human race,” he states. He photographs old implements as metaphorical portraits rather than making literal portrayals of people. His huge photographs (some nearly ten feet wide) command a presence that is sculptural. And no wonder, because he spent years as a trained sculptor before ever taking up a camera.
Thursday, February 18, 4pm
Virtual Guided Tour of
exhibitions at the Gregg Museum
(see description above).

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Join a staff-guided virtual tour via Zoom, where attendees “walk through” exhibitions at the museum.

Note: It is also possible to visit the museum in person, with a free timed-ticket, available at

Thursday, February 25, 4pm Thoughts from the Artist:
Daniel Johnston, Part 2

On the Gregg’s YouTube Channel

 Youtube launch/gallery walk-through of A Thousand Throws and interview with master ceramic artist Daniel Johnston. Given free rein to create an installation for the Gregg, Johnston built an evocative, ghostly version of a Carolina farmhouse that transforms the museum’s largest gallery into a journey through time and space, although the time comes from the viewers’ individual pasts and space from their own experiences.

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Guided Tours of Virtual Exhibitions

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