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Due to the popularity of programs and events, please be aware there is usually limited seating available. Please arrive early enough to choose your seat!

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Thursday, January 9, 3pm and 6pm 

Wolfpack Winter Welcome Week event: Guided Gregg Welcome Walk tour of the museum and its current exhibitions. Two tours offered – 3pm and 6pm, with the 6pm tour available in French. Information on arranging class tours will be available.


Thursday, January 16 6pm

Poetry reading with Jeffery Beam, from An Elizabethan Bestiary Retold. Real and imagined beasts inspired by two 15th century bestiaries. Ippy Patterson’s illustrations projected during the reading. Accompanies the exhibition Fantastic Fauna—Chimeric Creatures by Beauvais Lyons, open through January 26.


Thursday, January 23 6pm

Double exhibition opening reception for All That Glitters—Spark and Dazzle from the Permanent Collection and Design by Time. The two exhibitions run January 24 – May 17 in the Adams and Woodson Galleries. 

All That Glitters investigates humanity’s age-old fascination with shiny objects. What is it that makes them so attractive? Some of the Gregg’s most visually stunning objects help probe some of the deeper cultural, psychological, and even evolutionary impulses behind their appeal.

Design by Time, from the Pratt Manhattan Gallery, offers works from 22 international designers portraying time and its dynamic effects on fashion, furniture, textiles, vessels, and more, through processes like the growth of plants, the pull of gravity, or the transformational potential of fire.


Thursday, January 30 6pm

Sketching in the galleries led by Education Program Assistant, Christina Wytko.


Thursday, February 6 6pm

Guest lecture with Adam Hartstone-Rose, associate professor of Biological Sciences. In “Visualizing Past and Future Species” he discusses the process of creating photorealistic reconstructions of how long-extinct species may have appeared when alive and how current species may yet evolve.


Thursday, February 13 6pm

Film screening: Tom Tykwer’s Sundance prizewinner Run Lola Run, presented in conjunction with the Design by Time exhibition. The German thriller explores multiple potential outcomes of 20 desperate minutes. 

Tom Tykwer’s feature film cranks up the volume, stiffens the pace, and jettisons us on a most exhilarating cinematic adventure. A breathtaking race against the clock, Run Lola Run straps Tykwers’ playfully hip sensibilities to a fun-filled mix of romance, thrills, and action as his tireless heroine pounds the pavement and racks her brain to save her lover from danger. Featuring Franka Potente (The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy) as the heroic, flame-haired Lola, and Moritz Bleibtreu (The Fifth Estate) as her doltish but devoted lover.


Thursday, February 20 6pm

Exhibition opening reception for All is Possible— Mary Ann Scherr’s Legacy in Metal. Exhibition runs February 21 – September 6, Thomas E. Cabaniss Gallery in the Historic Residence. One of the first female industrial designers, Scherr was the first woman designer to work in the automobile industry, and two of her product designs were ranked among the top 100 of the 20th century. Curated by jewelry historian Ana Estrades, All is Possible includes numerous examples of her innovative jewelry, body monitors, and design work.


Thursday, February 27 6pm

Highlight tour with curator Ana Estrades of All is Possible—Mary Ann Scherr’s Legacy in Metal (registration required).


Thursday, March 5 6pm

Short lectures in conjunction with Art’s Work in the Age of Biotechnology by Jennifer Baltzegar, Todd Kuikin, and Jennifer Kuzma of the Genetic Engineering and Society Center; Darrell Stover from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences; and Chris Tonelli from NC State University Libraries.


Thursday, March 12 6pm

Docent tours of all the open exhibitions.


Thursday, March 19 6pm

Guest lecture: “Of Space Suits and Gas Masks: The Biosensing Jewelry of Mary Ann Scherr” by Kayleigh Perkov, visiting scholar at the Feminist Research Institute, University of California Davis.


Thursday, March 26 6pm

Yoga in the Garden  Bring a mat or towel, but participation is free.


Tuesday-Thursday April 7, 8, 9

Film screenings: For Earth Month, three eye-opening but highly entertaining films in the Gregg’s ongoing Eco Film Series. Times and titles TBA.


Thursday, April 16 6pm

Artist talks: From Design by Time, Jacob Olmedo discusses clothing grown from plant materials, and from Art’s Work in the Age of Biotechnology, Erin Kirchner and MICA faculty advisor Ryan Hoover talk about Kerasynth, an animal-free wool produced from tissue cultures. These discussions of “living clothing” are offered the evening before NC State’s annual Art to Wear fashion show.


Thursday, April 23 6pm

Exhibition opening reception for Across the Threshold of India—Art, Women, and Culture, featuring photographs by Martha Strawn and select objects from the Gregg’s permanent collection. By making intricately patterned ephemeral drawings on the ground before thresholds and entrances, Indian women sanctify the spaces between the physical and spiritual realms. The exhibition runs April 24 – October 18 in the Black-Sanderson Gallery. 

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