Virtual Tours at the Gregg

360 view Gregg Foyer

a 360-View photo from “All Is Possible” (Ennis Room) looking into the Garden Hall.

Virtual Tours are made possible with special assistance from John Starbuck of DASA Communications.



Design by Time, now available virtually using the Lingar app on your mobile device, featuring interpretive content in text, audio and video for each object.
A desktop version can be found here.

All That Glitters – Spark and Dazzle from the Permanent Collection – On view now until July 12, 2020

All Is Possible-Mary Ann Scherr’s Legacy of Metal On view now until September 6, 2020


and some previous exhibitions and tours…

Packapalooza 2019 VR Tour – A Virtual tour of the museum created in the fall of 2019, featuring Borderlands, Explorations, Fantastic Fauna and Southern Surreal (previous exhibitions).

A Tour of the Gregg grounds…



Visit our DEEP DIVES page – experience up-close tours of individual exhibits and the Collections area.

A new documentary short (16 minutes, 16 seconds) by Marsha Gordon and Louis Cherry is available about an extraordinary painting by Vernon Pratt, exhibited at the Gregg in 2018.

Watch All the Possibilities at NC Shorts 1.
It’s the first film in the list!