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Upcoming Exhibitions

With approximately six new exhibitions each year, there is almost always something new to see at the Gregg. These engaging shows present diverse artists, cultures, media, and techniques and examine the regions where art and design intersect with science, engineering, math, and technology. Many originate at the Gregg, while traveling exhibitions from other institutions are sometimes brought in to broaden the range of perspectives offered. Each offering is enhanced by related programming, and many are accompanied by thought-provoking publications.

Kameron Neal, Makeout/Breakout (still), 2017, stop-motion video, courtesy of the artist.

Coming to the Gregg Museum from Davidson College Art Galleries on January 12, 2023, True Likeness presents an exhibition of contemporary portraits from diverse makers in a variety of media including video, photography, painting, collage, installation, sculpture, printmaking, and drawing. Artists, some familiar, others more on the fringe of the art world, hail from all over the United States. Their own identities, and those presented through their works, provide a snapshot of who we are as a country. As the exhibition took shape over the last few years, as overt and coded hate speech became congruent with one of the most divisive elections of our time, it became apparent that highlighting and celebrating diversity was paramount. True Likeness will be on view in the Black/Sanderson gallery from January 12 to July 23, 2023.

Aldwyth, Casablanca (Colorized) (detail), 2004-2006. Collage on Okawara paper with silk tissue. Collection of the Aldwyth Trust.

Curated by Mark Sloan, This is Not: Aldwyth in Retrospect celebrates the life and work of the one-name artist, Aldwyth. Now approaching eighty-eight, the artist surveys the constellation of influences that have brought her this far. Aldwyth has lived and worked in the same octagonal studio/house at the edge of a salt marsh on a small island adjacent to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, since 1980. For more than six decades, she has been producing significant work in relative seclusion from the larger art world. This retrospective takes measure of her entire artistic output from 1953 to present, highlighting the points at which her fascinations have evolved into obsessions. It also traces the connections between her personal biography and the content of her work. This is Not: Aldwyth in Retrospective will be on view in the Adams and Woodson galleries from February 2 to October 7, 2023.