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Image of a beige quilt with a skeleton riding a wolf holding an american flag. the quilt is made out of old t shirts.

Selections from the Collections

On view June 29, 2023

Drawing from the Gregg Museum’s collections of over 54,000 objects, Selections from the Collections displays a sampling of the many different kinds of pieces in its holdings. Though objects in the exhibition will rotate from time to time to facilitate their preservation and so that different artists and kinds of objects can be exhibited, the same general themes, materials, and variety of work will remain a part of this ongoing exhibition. For many years, Gregg audiences have been treated to wide ranging but relatively short-term exhibitions that explore topics or present artists’ works for a matter of months, and then get changed out and replaced by entirely new shows. While this will continue, most visitors have departed without realizing that the Gregg staff also maintains vast collections used for teaching, research, supporting student projects, and, on occasion, as source material for the exhibitions in the public galleries. The semi-permanent Selections from the Collections exhibition in the historic Residence seeks to remedy that. This new rotating installation will ensure that there will always be fascinating things to see and share at the Gregg!