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Past Exhibitions

Exhibitions shown at the Gregg Museum of Art & Design are listed starting with the most recent. For more information on a particular exhibition or to inquire about a catalog, please contact us by email, or by calling 919.515.3503.

Select catalogs may be purchased from the Gregg Museum here.

Many of the exhibitions listed are also available as VIRTUAL EXHIBITIONS.


Frank Lee Craig – Near Distance

Egyptian Tent

Eric Serritella – Sharing Spaces – Trompe l’Oeil Ceramics


crossed kalunga by the stars & other acts of resistance.

Chris Hondros – Conflict Photography.

Will Henry Stevens (1881-1949).


A Thousand Throws – Daniel Johnston.

ANIMATE EARTH – Adventures in Mimetolithia by Andy Nasisse.

All Is Possible -Mary Ann Scherr’s Legacy In Metal. A retrospective exhibition, curated by Ana Estrades, of the visionary industrial, graphic and jewelry design created by Mary Ann Scherr. The exhibition included custom jewelry designs, body monitors, and other objects created throughout her long career. Catalogue. Virtual tour available.

All That GlittersSpark and Dazzle from the Permanent Collection. The Gregg Museum not only showcases some of the most visually stunning objects in its holdings, but uses them as points of departure to probe some of the deeper cultural, psychological, and even evolutionary impulses that may have brought about their creation in the first place. Virtual Tour available.

Design By Timefrom the Pratt Institute, curated by Judith Hoot Fox and Ginger Gregg Duggan of curatorsquared. Catalogue. Virtual Tour Available.

Objects of Intention Sculptor-photographer Stephen Althouse begins with art pieces he creates using man-made objects, cloth, tools, and simple farm machinery. He then records images of them using large format film cameras and highly specialized printing and development processes. The resulting prints are quite large (up to 9 feet wide), and display exquisite detail and rich tones, commanding a sculptural presence. These mystic, almost sacred depictions of the human experience are further enriched by the artist through the addition of deftly embedded messages in the images themselves. Virtual Tour Available.


Southern Surreal-Masterpiece Furniture by Tilden StoneThe first exhibition of its kind of the furniture of master carver and NC native Tilden Stone. Catalogue. Virtual Tour available.

Fantastic Fauna-Chimeric Creatures – featuring lithographs and taxidermied examples of ‘Creative Zoology’ as envisioned by artist Beauvais Lyons.
Virtual Tour available.

Explorations-Science SculpturesChristina Weisner’s scientifically-based sculptures and installations centering on asteroids, ocean seismometers, and other scientific objects and instrumentation. Catalogue. Virtual Tour Available.

Borderlands-Evidence from the Rio Grande – an “anti-archive” of photographs and objects from the U.S.-Mexico border, as collected by Susan Harbage Page. Catalogue. Virtual Tour available.

Left Handed Libertyan exhibition of outsider art from the permanent collection of the Gregg Museum of Art & Design.

Southbound-Photographs of and about the New South. From the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art, College of Charleston. A joint exhibition with the Power Plant Gallery. Part of the Southbound Project.

Art’s Work in the Age of Biotechnology: Shaping Our Genetic Futures. A joint exhibition with NC State University Libraries and the Genetic Engineering and Society Center (GES). Catalogue.


Vernon Pratt’s “All The Possibilities of Filling In Sixteenths (65,536)”the first complete exhibition of Pratt’s 256-canvas magnum opus, “All The Possibilities of Filling in Sixteenths (65,856),” with accompanying music, “Denominators” composed by Arts NC State Executive Director Rich Holly.

Rural Avant-Garde – The Mountain Lake Experience. Exhibition of works made at the renowned Mountain Lake workshops from such luminaries as John Cage, Merce Cunningham, Howard Finster, Sally Mann, James De La Vega, Jiro Okura, and Mierle Laderman Ukeles.

Our Living Past: Photographs by Timothy Duffy. Wet plate collodion prints of portaits of traditional musicians, through the Music Maker Foundation.

Bob Trotman: Business as Usual. Catalogue.

Design Duet: The creative lives of Robert Black and Ormond Sanderson. Catalogue.

Show & Tell — Celebrating the Gregg Museum’s Collections. Catalogue.
A Door is Not a Window– Herb Jackson paintings. Catalogue.
Treasures Of Native America — Selections from the Drs. Norman and Gilda Greenberg Gift.

Progressions, Permutations, Patterns and Probabilities: The Art of Vernon Pratt. Paintings by the late Durham artist inspired by math and physics. Betty Ray McCain Gallery, Duke Energy Center, Raleigh.
Object Lessons. Ceramic masterpieces from the permanent collection. North Carolina Pottery Center, Seagrove, NC. Catalogue.
Dr. James Troyer Constructions. Sculptures made from recycled laboratory equipment.
Summer Fun! Objects from the permanent collection on the theme of vacations.
Life’s Little Dramas: Puppets, Proxies, and Spirits. Puppets and robots. D.H. Hill Library, Raleigh. Catalogue.
From the Permanent Collection. Industrial design, glass, culinary molds. Talley Student Center.

Smokes and Mirrors: Reflections of the Self in Photographs by John Menapace. Catalogue.
Chris Hondros: Photographs of Conflict. David McCune International Art Gallery, Methodist University, Fayetteville. War photographs by the NC State alum killed in Libya.
Remnants of the Floating World: Japanese Art from the Permanent Collection.
Calling the Spirits: Kings, Chiefs, and Women of Power in Photographs by Phyllis Galembo. Frankie G. Weems Art Gallery, Meredith College, Raleigh. Brochure.
Theater of Belief: Afro-Atlantic Costuming and Masking in Photographs by Phyllis Galembo. Brochure.

80 Souvenirs. Accompanied theater production of “Around the World in 80 Days”.
Till Death Do Us Part. Objects from the permanent collection relating to weddings and murders.
Chicago. Objects from the 1920s to accompany the theater production of “Chicago”.
And With This Shell, The Sea: The Ceramic Art of Siglinda Scarpa. Contemporary ceramic sculptures.

Measure of Earth: Textiles and Territory in West Africa. African textiles and garments from the permanent collection. Brochure.
Farfetched: Mad Science, Fringe Architecture and Visionary Engineering. Outsider and self-taught art and technology. Catalogue.
Humanature: Photographs of the Unnatural World by Peter Goin. Catalog available from the photographer.
Circa 1912. Objects from the permanent collection to accompany a production at Thompson Theater.

Art Without Artists. Found objects and other items that could be considered art when displayed in a museum. Catalogue.
STREAMING: New Art from Old Bottles. Installation made from recycled materials by 165 students organized by Bryant Holsenbeck.
Spirit—Fire—Shake! Focal objects by Renée Stout, Kevin Sampson and Odinga Tyehimba. Altars, shrines, and centers of power.
Amazing Maiziana. At the Raleigh Convention Center. Objects from the Mangelsdorf Corn Collection in the Gregg holdings.
RED. Objects from the permanent collection that feature NC State’s official color.
In Response: Weaving by Ann Roth and Vita Plume. New work made in response to objects in the permanent collection. Brochure.
Barkcloth, Bras, and Bulletproof Cotton: The Powers of Costume. How clothing determines fate, in examples from the permanent collection. Calendar/catalog.
Textiles of Exile. Textiles by refugees, migrants, and displaced peoples.
Betelnut. Photographs and ethnographic objects from the Batcheller donation to the permanent collection.
Jugtown. Ceramics by the Seagrove pottery from the permanent collection.

Necktie Tribute to Dr. Tom Stafford. Cravats, ties, and assorted neckwear from the permanent collection.
Quilts from the Dr. Everette James Collection. At the Norwood Museum, Norwood NC. Quilts donated to the permanent collection.
Earth With Meaning: The Photographs of Alan Cohen. Hardbound book, published by the Gregg.
Then … Absence: After Katrina in the Lower Ninth Ward. Color photographs by John Rosenthal. Catalog available from the photographer.
Renaldo in the Land of Rocaterrania. Drawings, paintings, and objects from the imaginary world of Raleigh outsider artist Renaldo Kuhler.
The Pull of the Moon: Recent Work of Barbara Lee Smith. Painted and stitched non-woven textiles. Catalogue.
Traces: Mapping a Journey in Textiles. Group exhibition of contemporary textiles. Catalogue.
Purses. Handbags and accessories from the permanent collection.
Art of Jim Lecce. Student-curated exhibition of carvings by the Raleigh artist.
Animals. Student-curated exhibition of animal-themed objects from the permanent collection.

Drink Up! Drinking vessels and ceramics from the permanent collection.
Shoes. Student-curated exhibition of footwear from the permanent collection.
Masters of American Costume Jewelry. Student-curated exhibition.
Ben Galata & Evan Lightner: Handcraft is Contemporary Design. Hand-forged steel and wooden furniture.
Southern Roots of Mid-Century Modern. Furnishings, costumes, decorative arts and architecture from the mid-20th century.
Sequence of Impressions: The Work of Douglas Gorsline. Paintings on canvas.
With Lathe and Chisel: North Carolina Wood Turners and Carvers. Catalogue.
Faces and Mazes: Lia Cook. Images on textiles created with Jacquard looms. Catalogue.
Hold onto Your Hats. Headwear from the permanent collection.

Recent Gifts of Native American Art from the Collection of Drs. Norman and Gilda Greenberg. Katsinas, pottery, textiles, and other ethnographic artifacts.
Undercover. Lingerie and sleepwear from the permanent collection.
Inspired Design: Jacquard and Entrepreneurial Textiles. Artists and industrial weaving. Catalogue.
Graphic Quilts at the Gregg. Quilts from the permanent collection.
Silver of the Stars. Silverwork from the Incorporation of Goldsmiths, Edinburgh, Scotland. Catalogue.
Thomas Sayre: New Work. Earth-cast concrete sculptures and arc-welded 2D works. Catalogue.
Norm Schulman: A Life in Clay Contemporary ceramics. Catalogue.

Let Me Call You Sweetheart: One Collector’s Vision. Sweetheart jewelry from the Rhoda L. Berkowitz collection. Brochure.
Frozen Music: Frank Gehry and the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Architectural plans and drawings.
From the Inside Looking Out: The Journals, Drawings and Prints of Charles Ritchie. Catalogue.
Pamela and Vernon Owens, Potters of Jugtown. Catalogue.
Randy Shull: Crossing Boundaries. Contemporary furniture. Catalogue.
Recent Gifts: Eye to Eye, Object to Object. Objects from the permanent collection. Brochure.

Tom Spleth: A Retrospective. Contemporary North Carolina ceramics. Catalogue.
Sock Monkey Madness! Photographs by Michael Traister. Brochure.
Juror’s Work: The Photography of Joyce Tenneson.
SPoT! 2007—Southeastern Photography Triennial. Catalogue.
The Fourth Biennial BOOM Design Competition. Contemporary graphic design.
It’s Not Your Mothers Yarn! Works by Diane Howard. Knitted garments.
Disorderly Creatures. Insect embroideries by Janice Wright Cheney. Catalogue.
Exquisite Entomology (The Beauty of Bugs). Exploration of pattern using an installation of insects.
The Natural World. Handmade ceramics and paper. Brochure.

Resplendent Reds: 19th Century Turkmen Textiles.
Sid Oakley—Artist, Mentor, Friend. North Carolina ceramics. Catalogue.
Tangles, Teeth & Touch: Sonya Clark. Beadwork constructions. Brochure.
Photographs by the Triangle Black and White Photography Group. Brochure.
Aleta Braun—Material Changes. Assemblages. Brochure.
With Hidden Noise: Photographs by John Menapace. Catalogue.
More Than a Wrap: The Beauty and Culture of Saris. Indian textiles from the permanent collection.
The Art of Enamel. Contemporary jewelry.
Annie Hooper. Outsider art curated by students.
Diener Circus. Miniature circus made by Frank Diener, of carved and painted wood.

Alexander Bogardy: Divine Aesthete. Paintings and drawings by a visionary artist and hairdresser. Catalogue.
Rick Beck—Form. Molded glass. Catalogue.
War in Shadows and Light—Chris Hondros. War photography by NC State alum, for Getty Images. Catalogue.
Nikolai Muhkin: Contemporary Russian Artist. Paintings. Brochure.
AIGA’s BOOM! The Best Graphic Design of the Carolinas. Catalogue.
Fashions from the Victorian Era 1901-1919. Objects from the permanent collection.
Crazy Cotton Chintz: 47 Quilts from the Permanent Collection.
Curv-iture. Contemporary studio furniture. Catalog.

20/20 Vision: An exhibition of new works donated to the collection in honor of the 20th anniversary of Friends of the Gallery. Objects from the permanent collection.
Elizabeth Brim: Steel Magnolia. Contemporary metal.
Treasures from Chinqua-Penn. Objects from the 1920s estate of Thomas Jefferson Penn and Margaret Beatrice Shoellkopf Penn, transferred to the Gregg.
Nomads & Villagers: Woven Work from Around the World.
Rings. Curated exhibition of artist-made rings.
Boom! 2004. Contemporary graphic design. Catalogue.
Mountain Made: Western North Carolina Crafts from the Collection of Robert S. Brunk.
Four Women in Clay: Work by Jennie Bireline, Clara Couch, Virginia Scotchie and Lydia Thompson. Catalogue.
Czech Glass: Old & New. Objects from the permanent collection.

SECAC/Tri State Members Juried Exhibition. Brochure.
A Vibrant Transparency: The Photography of Elizabeth Matheson. Catalog.
Antfarm: Decade. Art collective’s 10th anniversary exhibition. Catalogue.
BOOM! 2002: The Best of North Carolina Graphic Design. Catalogue.
Contemporary European Ceramics: From the Collection of John and Brita Tate. Brochure.
The Jewelry of Robert Ebendorf: A Retrospective of Forty Years. Works by the seminal North Carolina metalsmith. Catalogue.
Common Ground. An exploration of cultural diversity using objects from the permanent collection.
Extravagant Eveningwear. Costume from the permanent collection.

The Right Stuff. Studio-made furniture. Catalogue.
Technology as a Catalyst: Textile Artists on the Cutting Edge. Catalogue.
Patterns of the Past. Woven coverlets from the permanent collection.
Fashion-Go-Round: Designs and Designers from the 1980s.
Dior—The Master Designer. Costume from the permanent collection.
Folk and Outsider Art. Objects from the permanent collection. Brochure.
Early American Modernism.
North Carolina Clay: Past and Present. Catalogue.

Ceremonial Robes. Robes from Africa and Asia. Brochure.
Passionate Collectors: Sonia and Isaac Luski Collect. Contemporary glass. Catalog.
Daniel Jocz: Uncommon Sense. Contemporary jewelry. Catalogue.
North Carolina Pottery Masters: C.R. Auman and C.B. Masten.
The University Collects Photographs. Photographs from the permanent collection.
Frank Diener’s Circus. Hand carved and painted circus figures. Brochure.
140 Years of North Carolina Quilts: Selections from the A. Everette James, Jr.and Nancy Jane Farmer Collection. Catalog.

Paul Jeremias: Arena Photographs. Photographs of Dorton Arena.
Modernist Eye: The Art and Design of Nathan Lerner. Industrial design and photography. Catalogue.
From These Hands: Images of Works of Triangle Area Potters. Photographs of pottery. Catalogue.
Juan Logan: Unconscious Bias. Painting and drawing. Brochure.
The Gelinas Collection: A Lady of Fashion. Couture from the 1940s—1980s.
The New Heritage of North Carolina Pottery. Contemporary NC ceramics. Brochure.
Cultures Revealed: The Nell Sonnemann Collection. Applique from around the world. Catalogue.
Japanese Woodblock Prints from the Permanent Collection. Mid-19th century prints by Utagawa Kunisada (Toyokuni III).

With Beauty Before Us: The Navajo of Chil-chin-beto. Navajo material culture and photographs by Roger Manley. CatCataloguealog.
Cynthia Bringle: A Fiery Influence. Ceramics by the Penland School potter. Catalogue.
Photographs from the Estate of Rick Horton. Photographs by, and collected by, artist Rick Horton. Brochure.
Friends of the Gallery Collect. Objects from Raleigh private collections selected by Jack Lindsey, Philadelphia Museum of Art.
Stephen Assael: Ordinary/Extraordinary Figures. Drawings.
Buildings on a Small Scale. Small folk art houses. Catalogue.

Samuel Yellin Metalworkers: Three Generations. Architectural wrought iron by America’s greatest blacksmith. Catalogue.
Mildred Davis: A Collector’s Eye. Historic textiles. Catalogue.
Expressions of Generosity: Recent Gifts and Acquisitions.
Sherri Wood: Quilts. Quilts with religious subtexts.
The Little Black Dress: From Sorrow to Seduction. Costumes on a classic theme. Catalog.

Coptic Textiles in the University’s Collection. Ancient Egyptian Christian textiles.
For God’s Eyes: Plates and Vases. Work from Penland residency by Tom Spleth and Moshe Gershuni.
Mark Hewitt, Potter. Contemporary wood-fired stoneware. Catalogue.
Fabulous Furniture: Rosanne Somerson. with Jenna Goldberg and Eck Follen. Contemporary cabinetry. Brochure.
Simplicity, Order and Discipline: The Work of George Matsumoto. Drawings, models, and designs by the architect. Catalogue.
The Work of Eduardo Catalano. Architecture. Catalogue.
Yard of the Month. Contemporary landscape architecture.

Textiles: Tradition and Innovation. Bedouin, Israeli, Palestinian textiles. Catalogue.
Ceramics Israel. Contemporary Israeli ceramics. Catalogue.
Relative Visions: The Artistic Differences between a Mother and a Daughter. Jewelry by Mary Ann Scherr and Sydney Jo Scherr. Catalogue.
Act Three: Current Obsessions. New works and old from the permanent collection.
Act Two: Color and Texture.
A Multitude of Memory: The Life Work of Annie Hooper. Driftwood and concrete Biblical sculptures by the late NC outsider artist. Catalogue.
A Flutter of Fans. Objects from the permanent collection.
The Poetry of Dress. Lace from the permanent collection.
Maud Gatewood: Re-visions. Paintings, reliefs, and prints by the NC artist/educator. Catalogue.
Maud and Friends. Works by contemporaries of Maud Gatewood.

West Africa: New Pots from an Old Tradition.
Act One: Ways of Describing the World. First installation of Making A Collection: An Exhibition in Three Acts.
Bob Trotman: A Retrospective of Furniture and Sculpture. Catalogue.
Mark Leithauser: Paintings, Drawings and Prints. Catalogue.
Burlon Craig: An Open Window Into the Past. Ceramics and face jugs from the great NC folk potter. CaCataloguetalog.
Depression Documents: The Farm Security Administration in North Carolina. Photographs from the 1930s. Catalogue.
New Furniture by Joerling, Kopf, Ulinski. Catalogue.
Celebrating the Stitch. Contemporary embroidery. Brochure.

Early Architectural Photography of NC by Johnston / Wooten. Images by two early female photographers. Catalogue.
Contemporary Egyptian Tapestries. Objects from the permanent collection.
Enduring Textile Traditions of West Africa: From the Spirit’s Mouth. Textiles from the permanent collection. Brochure.
The Haliwa-Saponi Tribe of North Carolina. Native American regalia and artifacts. Brochure.
Translating Value: North Carolina Cousins to the Crazy Quilt. Brochure.
Vernon Owens: Master Potter. Brochure.

This is Not Tramp Art. Chip-carved folk art wood objects. Catalogue.
Mathew Nowicki: Sketches and Visions. Architectural drawings and models. Catalogue.
Photographs of Science. Catalog.
David N. Hyman: Photographs 1976-1992. Brochure.
Cathay: Chinese Objects of Desire. Chinese artifacts.
Guatemalan Textiles: Color, Texture, Tradition. Brochure.
Joe Owen: The Shy Potter. North Carolina pottery.

North Carolina Clay 1992. Catalog / videocassette.
Limbs: An Exhibition of Work by Randy Shull. Wood sculptures.
The Art of Building in North Carolina: Photographs by Tim Buchman. Architectural photographs. Catalog / poster / videocassette.
The New Narrative: Contemporary Fiber Art. Catalogue.

Building A Visual Vocabulary. Work from the permanent collection. Catalog.
The University Collects: Works Acquired for NCSU Collections Since 1968. Catalog.

Charles Hinman: A Recent Work. Paintings. Catalogue.
The Continuous Process: The Artist as Teacher, The Teacher as Artist. Catalogue.

New Art/New Material. Artwork using nonwoven textile material Lutradur as a medium.
Under an Urging Moon: Recent Works by Rick Horton. Paintings by the NC State alum. Catalogue.
Photography on the Monterey Peninsula: The New Generation. Catalogue.

Walking on Heirs: An Exhibition of Fine Antique and New Persian Carpets.
Finery: An Exhibition of Art to Wear. Catalogue.
A Blessing from the Source: The Annie Hooper Bequest. Selected tableaux from the 3500 Biblical sculptures made by the NC Outer Banks self-taught artist. Catalog.
Iterations: glass by Christine Baukus, sculpture by Bryant Holsenbeck, photographs by Elizabeth Stein, assemblage by Jean Wierzalis-Ezell.

Trains: from the Collection of the Neuse River Valley Train Collectors.
Seeing An Idea: Gifts and Acquisitions Since 1982.
Vernacular Pottery of North Carolina: 1982-1986.
Paintings by Jerry Cook.

SIGGRAPH ’85. Computer art.
Souvenirs: Drawings by Melissa Harris and Edwin F. Harris.
The Eastern Eye: Japanese Graphic Design. Traveling exhibition of graphic design.
Color: The Spectrum of Expression. Catalogue
Spectacular Vernacular. Photographs of Asian and African architecture.

Houses of Justice. Photographs of court house architecture.
Built for the People of the USA: Fifty Years of TVA Architecture. Photographs.
America’s City Halls. Photographs of civic architecture.
Night Web: Preparatory Drawings by Dale Eldred.
The Bridges of Christian Menn: Photographs from Professor David Billington.
West African Textiles: Traditional Patterns and Techniques. Catalogue.

The Unseen Landscape: Textiles by Susan Wilchins and Ann Roth. Photographs by Marc Wilchins.
Southern Abstraction: Five Painters Work. Includes Herb Creecy, Tom Dimond, Herb Jackson, Richard Kevorkian and Whitney Leland.
SIGGRAPH ’83. Computer art.
Contemporary Printmakers.
The Southeastern Spectrum Group Exhibition.
Procession in Jerusalem. Paintings by Jack Levine.
Ten Afro-American Quilters. Ten quilts by African-American quilters.
Anglo-American Counterpoint. Ten quilts by Anglo-American quilters.

More Than Just Cloth. Fabric Collections by NC State Textile Design students.
Children’s World Festivals and Celebrations.
James McLean Retrospective: An Artist of the 30’s. Paintings by the major Raleigh artist.
The Henley Southeastern Spectrum Group Exhibition.
Philippe Halsman 79. Portrait photographs by a major fashion photographer.
Seny Norasingh: Photographic Exhibition. Color work by the Lao American photographer.
Folkroots: Images of Mississippi Black Folklife. Photographs.

Spaces and Places: Afro-American Values in Architecture.Photographs.
The Fall Exhibition: Objects from the University’s Permanent Collections.
Black Waters of the Carolinas. Photographs by Jerome Kohl.
Reflections: Prints in the 1980s. Contemporary etchings, engravings, and serigraphs.
The Works of Christof Drexel: Exhibition from the Goethe Institute. Paintings and drawings.

Six Photographers. Work by January Davis, Davis N. Hyman, Jerome Kohl, Marsha Presnell-Jennette, James Pressley and Susan Sherman.
Fifty Award Winners/Artists Living in the Southeast Group Exhibition.
Black History Month: Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture Work by Al Clark, Robert E. Hunter and Ron Williams.
David Driskell: A Survey. Paintings.

Photographs by Marshall Clayton and David Hyman.
Images of Earth from Space. Photographs.
Buildings for Best Products. Traveling exhibition from the Museum of Modern Art.
Chinese Brush Painting: Ellen Ma-Lin Ko.
Delphine Hancock: Water Color.
Annie May Andrews: Landscape Painting.
Walter Davis: An Exhibition of Paintings.
Photographs: Charles Springman/Benjamin Koonce.

The American Art Union: Early American Prints.
Wake County Annual Artists Exhibition.