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Show & Tell

Minnie Evans drawing (detail)
Detail of a work on paper by artist Minnie Evans.

Celebrating the collections of the Gregg Museum of Art & Design

August 26, 2017-December 31, 2017

Show & Tell explores the vast range of human creativity represented by the more than 35,000 objects that comprise the Gregg Museum’s permanent collections. From disguised war maps and iconic industrial designs to New Guinea body masks, even long-term fans of the Gregg will discover plenty of surprises among the objects on view.

The Show & Tell exhibition includes a selection (about 150 objects) from among nearly 500 items featured in a new book about the collection by the same title. Both the book and exhibition represent the range of the Gregg’s holdings. Not a “treasures of” show so much as a sampler, objects are gathered from the many different areas in which the museum collects, including ceramics and glass, design, fine art, fine craft, furniture, outsider art, photography, textiles, garments and accessories, social and domestic objects, archaeological artifacts and ethnographic materials.