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Frequently Asked Questions

Important information to help you plan your visit.

Do I need to buy a ticket to visit the museum?

No. The museum remains free and open to the public, and reservations are not required for individuals and groups of less than 15 people. We do ask that groups of 15 or more people call ahead at 919.515.3503 or by emailing us.

What are your public days and hours of operation?

Our public hours are Tuesday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. On Thursdays that we hold evening programs, the museum is open until 8 p.m. These dates can be found on our programs page.

Where is a good place to park?

Parking is available in front of the museum. Two handicap spaces are located on the west side of the residence. Alternative parking location information can be found here.

Can visitors check personal items?

Large bags, backpacks, luggage, food, or drinks are not permitted inside the galleries. Lockers are available and will be sanitized after every use. We encourage visitors not to bring large items into the museum.

Why do you ask for zip codes?

The information gathered helps us receive grant funding. We also make a visitor map to see where people are visiting us from.

Is there a coffee shop or a place to purchase food/drink items on the premises?

No food or beverages are available at the museum, but we are located on Hillsborough Street which has a variety of nearby restaurants and coffee shops. While we do not allow food or drinks inside the buildings, we do encourage visitors to make use of our beautiful outdoor spaces while enjoying their refreshments. 

Who designed and maintains your outdoor space/garden?

The garden was designed and planted by Landscape Design students in the Department of Horticultural Science at NC State. Funding for the garden was provided by Bayer Bee Care Center. Our garden is maintained by the NC State’s Grounds Services under the Facilities Department. To learn more about this, watch our interview with Professor Anne Spafford about the project.

Do you offer group tours?

Yes. In-person tours are available upon request in advance for your group or class. To schedule a tour or arrange a class visit to the Gregg’s current exhibitions, please complete the tour request form. If you have questions about the Gregg’s educational programs, please contact Tamara Velasco, Education Coordinator.

Do you have programming?

Yes! Free programs are scheduled regularly. To learn more about upcoming programs, check out our programs page for updates and additional details. 

How do I stay up-to-date on your events and programs

You can sign up for our newsletter here. We send monthly newsletters with information about our current and upcoming exhibitions, programs, and projects.

Does the Gregg Museum belong to the College of Design?

The Gregg museum is part of Arts NC State and is not directly connected to the College of Design.

How long are the exhibitions up for?

We rotate our exhibitions every 4-6 months on average.

Is the museum available for rental events?

The Gregg Museum is currently reviewing our rental program and is not taking any bookings at this time.

Is there a space available to the public for meetings?

We do not have the space to accommodate private meetings. If someone wishes to have an informal meeting, they can casually gather outside and use the available seating but are not permitted to bring materials such as tables, easels, extra chairs, display posters, etc. or move furniture far from their original location or block walkways and doorways.

I would like to donate objects to the Gregg Museum. Who can I contact?

The Gregg Museum is currently evaluating its holdings, and is not considering unsolicited object or library donations. If you have questions regarding this, please contact Mary Hauser, mehauser@ncsu.edu.

I would like to submit my work for exhibition consideration. How do I do this?

The Gregg Museum welcomes submissions for review for exhibition, but before sending us any images of your work, please read our guidelines for submitting artwork carefully and follow the instructions. Our exhibitions are typically scheduled three to five years in advance. We do not solicit submissions from artists for solo shows, but we are always happy to have particular artists or their works brought to our attention. However, we can’t show or collect more than a small fraction of all the work we see. Due to the volume of proposals and suggestions we receive, we are unable to acknowledge receipt of every suggestion, although we do keep information on file about interesting and potentially exhibit-able work.

Can you provide an art valuation?

No. We are restricted by law from providing appraisals. If you need a valuation of your art or possessions for tax, insurance, or sales purposes, we suggest visiting this website to identify an appraiser, or calling a reputable local art auction house for advice or appraisers’ contact information.