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Tibbitts Aluminum Dress

Art 2 Wear Dress, 2011. Veronica Tibbitts, NCSU Art 2 Wear Archival Collection. 2012.040.004

NOW OPEN January 24
through July 12, 2020

All That Glitters
Spark and Dazzle from the Permanent Collection

In its spring exhibition, All that Glitters—Spark and Dazzle from the Permanent Collection, the Gregg Museum not only showcases some of the most visually stunning objects in its holdings, but uses them as points of departure to probe some of the deeper cultural, psychological, and even evolutionary impulses that may have brought about their creation in the first place.

Lathe V Red chair, Brajkovic

Sebastian Brajkovic, Lathe V Chair, 2008. Collection Museum of Arts and Design, New York. Courtesy Sebastian Brajkovic Studio.

NOW OPEN January 24 through May 17, 2020

Design By Time
from the Pratt Institute

An exhibition with work from 22 international designers portraying time and its dynamic effects on fashion, furniture, textiles, vessels, and more.

Design by Time is organized by the Department of Exhibitions, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York, and is co-curated by Ginger Gregg Duggan and Judith Hoos Fox of c2 curatorsquared.

Mary Ann Scherr at work, ca. 1970s

Mary Ann Scherr at work, ca. 1970s

NOW OPEN through September 6, 2020

All Is Possible –

Mary Ann Scherr’s Legacy in Metal

Highlights of one of the first female industrial designers, and the first woman designer to work in the automobile industry. Curated by jewelry historian Ana Estrades, “All is Possible” includes numerous examples of Scherr’s innovative jewelry, body monitors, and design work.