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B. Lyons creatures

Beauvais Lyons’ exotic creatures

through January 26, 2020

Fantastic Fauna
Chimeric Creatures
by Beauvais Lyons

Factitious historical and scientific parodies by Dr. Beauvais Lyons, Director of the Hokes Archives and art professor at the University of Tennessee. Creatures that have never been seen before are examples of the “zoomorphic juncture”, or the combination of previously built species into new works of creation from the building blocks of existing organisms. 



Gillian Laub, Seniors 2010

GILLIAN LAUB, “Seniors arriving at the first integrated prom”, 2010

through December 29, 2019

Photographs of and about the New South

“Home: How We Make Ourselves”

A joint exhibition with The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery in Durham
Local curator: Randall Kenan, Professor of English, UNC-CH

Art's work graphic

Art’s Work in the Age of Biotechnology

through March 15, 2020

Art’s Work In the Age of Biotechnology
Shaping Our Genetic Futures

Are scientists and engineers in charge of the future, or do artists have a role, too? What happens when artists appropriate the scientific tools and techniques of modern biotechnology?