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With approximately six new exhibitions each year, there is almost always something new to see at the Gregg. These engaging shows present diverse artists, cultures, media, and techniques and examine the regions where art and design intersect with science, engineering, math, and technology. Many originate at the Gregg, while traveling exhibitions from other institutions are sometimes brought in to broaden the range of perspectives offered. Each offering is enhanced by related programming, and many are accompanied by thought-provoking publications.

All exhibitions are accessible, and admission is always free. Large-print gallery guides for visitors with low vision and other accommodations can be provided on request. 

Curious about what’s next? Check out our Upcoming Exhibitions page here.

Current Exhibitions

Leading by Design: Celebrating 75 Years of the College of Design

Abstract painting with a red block behind text that reads Leading by Design Celebrating seventy five years of the college of design

NC State’s School (now College) of Design became a reality in September 1948, and rapidly gained a reputation as one of the top design schools in the nation. The most progressive school of architecture and allied arts in the South, it served as a hub of modernist creativity for the entire region and greatly influenced the landscape and architecture found throughout the Triangle Area today. Leading by Design celebrates the design school’s legacy by showcasing artworks from the Gregg Museum’s permanent collection created by professors and instructors associated with it in its formative years along with an audiovisual element that marks its ongoing impact in the 21st century. Leading by Design is on view through April 13, 2024.

Selections from the Collections

Drawing from the Gregg Museum’s collections of over 54,000 objects, Selections from the Collections displays a sampling of the many different kinds of pieces in its holdings. Though objects in the exhibition will rotate from time to time to facilitate their preservation and so that different artists and kinds of objects can be exhibited, the same general themes, materials, and variety of work will remain a part of this ongoing exhibition. For many years, Gregg audiences have been treated to wide ranging but relatively short-term exhibitions that explore topics or present artists’ works for a matter of months, and then get changed out and replaced by entirely new shows. While this will continue, most visitors have departed without realizing that the Gregg staff also maintains vast collections used for teaching, research, supporting student projects, and, on occasion, as source material for the exhibitions in the public galleries. The semi-permanent Selections from the Collections exhibition in the historic Residence seeks to remedy that. This new rotating installation will ensure that there will always be fascinating things to see and share at the Gregg! 

This is Not: Aldwyth in Retrospect

A detail from one of Aldwyth's collages. In the top right corner, a man holds a red curtain up to reveal parts of the collage underneath. On top of the curtain is text that reads February 2 – October 7, 2023. This is the run time of the exhibition at the Gregg Museum. In the bottom half of the image, the exhibition title is included which reads This is Not: Aldwyth in Retrospect. It is designed to look like the words were cut from the pages of a book. Black text on white background.

Curated by Mark Sloan, This is Not: Aldwyth in Retrospect celebrates the life and work of the one-name artist, Aldwyth. Now in her late eighties, the artist surveys the constellation of influences that have brought her this far. Aldwyth has lived and worked in the same octagonal studio/house at the edge of a salt marsh on a small island adjacent to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, since 1980. For more than six decades, she has been producing significant work in relative seclusion from the larger art world. This retrospective takes measure of her entire artistic output from 1953 to present, highlighting the points at which her fascinations have evolved into obsessions. It also traces the connections between her personal biography and the content of her work. This is Not: Aldwyth in Retrospect will be on view in the Adams and Woodson galleries from February 2 to October 7, 2023.

Class Visits and Tours

Gregg exhibitions support and enhance the curriculum of the university’s classroom teaching by offering opportunities for professors to incorporate class visits, individual assignments, or research projects as well. Contact the museum’s Director of Education to make arrangements; it may be possible to customize our offerings to meet the needs of particular courses or syllabi. K-12 teachers are also encouraged to consider making use of the Gregg’s exhibitions and resources.