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Past Exhibitions: Pre-2017

In 2017, the Gregg Museum officially reopened at its current location on Hillsborough Street; however, the museum has a rich history dating back as far as the mid 1960's when the university began collecting art that would enliven and enhance the campus.


  • Progressions, Permutations, Patterns and Probabilities: The Art of Vernon Pratt. Paintings by the late Durham artist inspired by math and physics. Betty Ray McCain Gallery, Duke Energy Center, Raleigh.
  • Object Lessons. Ceramic masterpieces from the permanent collection. North Carolina Pottery Center, Seagrove, NC.
  • Dr. James Troyer Constructions. Sculptures made from recycled laboratory equipment.
  • Summer Fun! Objects from the permanent collection on the theme of vacations.
  • Life’s Little Dramas: Puppets, Proxies, and Spirits. Puppets and robots. D.H. Hill Library, Raleigh. .
  • From the Permanent Collection. Industrial design, glass, culinary molds. Talley Student Center.


  • Smokes and Mirrors: Reflections of the Self in Photographs by John Menapace.
  • Chris Hondros: Photographs of Conflict. David McCune International Art Gallery, Methodist University, Fayetteville. War photographs by the NC State alum killed in Libya.
  • Remnants of the Floating World: Japanese Art from the Permanent Collection.
  • Calling the Spirits: Kings, Chiefs, and Women of Power in Photographs by Phyllis Galembo. Frankie G. Weems Art Gallery, Meredith College, Raleigh.
  • Theater of Belief: Afro-Atlantic Costuming and Masking in Photographs by Phyllis Galembo.


  • 80 Souvenirs. Accompanied theater production of “Around the World in 80 Days”.
  • Till Death Do Us Part. Objects from the permanent collection relating to weddings and murders.
  • Chicago. Objects from the 1920s to accompany the theater production of “Chicago”.
  • And With This Shell, The Sea: The Ceramic Art of Siglinda Scarpa. Contemporary ceramic sculptures.


  • Measure of Earth: Textiles and Territory in West Africa. African textiles and garments from the permanent collection.
  • Farfetched: Mad Science, Fringe Architecture and Visionary Engineering. Outsider and self-taught art and technology.
  • Humanature: Photographs of the Unnatural World by Peter Goin.
  • Circa 1912. Objects from the permanent collection to accompany a production at Thompson Theater.


  • Art Without Artists. Found objects and other items that could be considered art when displayed in a museum.
  • STREAMING: New Art from Old Bottles. Installation made from recycled materials by 165 students organized by Bryant Holsenbeck.
  • Spirit—Fire—Shake! Focal objects by Renée Stout, Kevin Sampson and Odinga Tyehimba. Altars, shrines, and centers of power.
  • Amazing Maiziana. At the Raleigh Convention Center. Objects from the Mangelsdorf Corn Collection in the Gregg holdings.
  • RED. Objects from the permanent collection that feature NC State’s official color.
  • In Response: Weaving by Ann Roth and Vita Plume. New work made in response to objects in the permanent collection.
  • Barkcloth, Bras, and Bulletproof Cotton: The Powers of Costume. How clothing determines fate, in examples from the permanent collection.
  • Textiles of Exile. Textiles by refugees, migrants, and displaced peoples.
  • Betelnut. Photographs and ethnographic objects from the Batcheller donation to the permanent collection.
  • Jugtown. Ceramics by the Seagrove pottery from the permanent collection.


  • Necktie Tribute to Dr. Tom Stafford. Cravats, ties, and assorted neckwear from the permanent collection.
  • Quilts from the Dr. Everette James Collection. At the Norwood Museum, Norwood NC. Quilts donated to the permanent collection.
  • Earth With Meaning: The Photographs of Alan Cohen. Hardbound book, published by the Gregg.
  • Then … Absence: After Katrina in the Lower Ninth Ward. Color photographs by John Rosenthal.
  • Renaldo in the Land of Rocaterrania. Drawings, paintings, and objects from the imaginary world of Raleigh outsider artist Renaldo Kuhler.
  • The Pull of the Moon: Recent Work of Barbara Lee Smith. Painted and stitched non-woven textiles.
  • Traces: Mapping a Journey in Textiles. Group exhibition of contemporary textiles.
  • Purses. Handbags and accessories from the permanent collection.
  • Art of Jim Lecce. Student-curated exhibition of carvings by the Raleigh artist.
  • Animals. Student-curated exhibition of animal-themed objects from the permanent collection.


  • Drink Up! Drinking vessels and ceramics from the permanent collection.
  • Shoes. Student-curated exhibition of footwear from the permanent collection.
  • Masters of American Costume Jewelry. Student-curated exhibition.
  • Ben Galata & Evan Lightner: Handcraft is Contemporary Design. Hand-forged steel and wooden furniture.
  • Southern Roots of Mid-Century Modern. Furnishings, costumes, decorative arts and architecture from the mid-20th century.
  • Sequence of Impressions: The Work of Douglas Gorsline. Paintings on canvas.
  • With Lathe and Chisel: North Carolina Wood Turners and Carvers.
  • Faces and Mazes: Lia Cook. Images on textiles created with Jacquard looms.
  • Hold onto Your Hats. Headwear from the permanent collection.


  • Recent Gifts of Native American Art from the Collection of Drs. Norman and Gilda Greenberg. Katsinas, pottery, textiles, and other ethnographic artifacts.
  • Undercover. Lingerie and sleepwear from the permanent collection.
  • Inspired Design: Jacquard and Entrepreneurial Textiles. Artists and industrial weaving.
  • Graphic Quilts at the Gregg. Quilts from the permanent collection.
  • Silver of the Stars. Silverwork from the Incorporation of Goldsmiths, Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • Thomas Sayre: New Work. Earth-cast concrete sculptures and arc-welded 2D works.
  • Norm Schulman: A Life in Clay Contemporary ceramics.


  • Let Me Call You Sweetheart: One Collector’s Vision. Sweetheart jewelry from the Rhoda L. Berkowitz collection.
  • Frozen Music: Frank Gehry and the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Architectural plans and drawings.
  • From the Inside Looking Out: The Journals, Drawings and Prints of Charles Ritchie.
  • Pamela and Vernon Owens, Potters of Jugtown.
  • Randy Shull: Crossing Boundaries. Contemporary furniture.
  • Recent Gifts: Eye to Eye, Object to Object. Objects from the permanent collection.


  • Tom Spleth: A Retrospective. Contemporary North Carolina ceramics.
  • Sock Monkey Madness! Photographs by Michael Traister.
  • Juror’s Work: The Photography of Joyce Tenneson.
  • SPoT! 2007—Southeastern Photography Triennial.
  • The Fourth Biennial BOOM Design Competition. Contemporary graphic design.
  • It’s Not Your Mothers Yarn! Works by Diane Howard. Knitted garments.
  • Disorderly Creatures. Insect embroideries by Janice Wright Cheney.
  • Exquisite Entomology (The Beauty of Bugs). Exploration of pattern using an installation of insects.
  • The Natural World. Handmade ceramics and paper.


  • Resplendent Reds: 19th Century Turkmen Textiles.
  • Sid Oakley—Artist, Mentor, Friend. North Carolina ceramics.
  • Tangles, Teeth & Touch: Sonya Clark. Beadwork constructions.
  • Photographs by the Triangle Black and White Photography Group.
  • Aleta Braun—Material Changes. Assemblages.
  • With Hidden Noise: Photographs by John Menapace.
  • More Than a Wrap: The Beauty and Culture of Saris. Indian textiles from the permanent collection.
  • The Art of Enamel. Contemporary jewelry.
  • Annie Hooper. Outsider art curated by students.
  • Diener Circus. Miniature circus made by Frank Diener, of carved and painted wood.


  • Alexander Bogardy: Divine Aesthete. Paintings and drawings by a visionary artist and hairdresser.
  • Rick Beck—Form. Molded glass.
  • War in Shadows and Light—Chris Hondros. War photography by NC State alum, for Getty Images.
  • Nikolai Muhkin: Contemporary Russian Artist. Paintings.
  • AIGA’s BOOM! The Best Graphic Design of the Carolinas.
  • Fashions from the Victorian Era 1901-1919. Objects from the permanent collection.
  • Crazy Cotton Chintz: 47 Quilts from the Permanent Collection.
  • Curv-iture. Contemporary studio furniture.


  • 20/20 Vision: An exhibition of new works donated to the collection in honor of the 20th anniversary of Friends of the Gallery. Objects from the permanent collection.
  • Elizabeth Brim: Steel Magnolia. Contemporary metal.
  • Treasures from Chinqua-Penn. Objects from the 1920s estate of Thomas Jefferson Penn and Margaret Beatrice Shoellkopf Penn, transferred to the Gregg.
  • Nomads & Villagers: Woven Work from Around the World.
  • Rings. Curated exhibition of artist-made rings.
  • Boom! 2004. Contemporary graphic design.
  • Mountain Made: Western North Carolina Crafts from the Collection of Robert S. Brunk.
  • Four Women in Clay: Work by Jennie Bireline, Clara Couch, Virginia Scotchie and Lydia Thompson.
  • Czech Glass: Old & New. Objects from the permanent collection.


  • SECAC/Tri State Members Juried Exhibition.
  • A Vibrant Transparency: The Photography of Elizabeth Matheson.
  • Antfarm: Decade. Art collective’s 10th anniversary exhibition.
  • BOOM! 2002: The Best of North Carolina Graphic Design.
  • Contemporary European Ceramics: From the Collection of John and Brita Tate.
  • The Jewelry of Robert Ebendorf: A Retrospective of Forty Years. Works by the seminal North Carolina metalsmith.
  • Common Ground. An exploration of cultural diversity using objects from the permanent collection.
  • Extravagant Eveningwear. Costume from the permanent collection.


  • The Right Stuff. Studio-made furniture.
  • Technology as a Catalyst: Textile Artists on the Cutting Edge.
  • Patterns of the Past. Woven coverlets from the permanent collection.
  • Fashion-Go-Round: Designs and Designers from the 1980s.
  • Dior—The Master Designer. Costume from the permanent collection.
  • Folk and Outsider Art. Objects from the permanent collection.
  • Early American Modernism.
  • North Carolina Clay: Past and Present.


  • Ceremonial Robes. Robes from Africa and Asia.
  • Passionate Collectors: Sonia and Isaac Luski Collect. Contemporary glass.
  • Daniel Jocz: Uncommon Sense. Contemporary jewelry.
  • North Carolina Pottery Masters: C.R. Auman and C.B. Masten.
  • The University Collects Photographs. Photographs from the permanent collection.
  • Frank Diener’s Circus. Hand carved and painted circus figures.
  • 140 Years of North Carolina Quilts: Selections from the A. Everette James, Jr.and Nancy Jane Farmer Collection.


  • Paul Jeremias: Arena Photographs. Photographs of Dorton Arena.
  • Modernist Eye: The Art and Design of Nathan Lerner. Industrial design and photography. .
  • From These Hands: Images of Works of Triangle Area Potters. Photographs of pottery.
  • Juan Logan: Unconscious Bias. Painting and drawing.
  • The Gelinas Collection: A Lady of Fashion. Couture from the 1940s—1980s.
  • The New Heritage of North Carolina Pottery. Contemporary NC ceramics.
  • Cultures Revealed: The Nell Sonnemann Collection. Applique from around the world.
  • Japanese Woodblock Prints from the Permanent Collection. Mid-19th century prints by Utagawa Kunisada (Toyokuni III).


  • With Beauty Before Us: The Navajo of Chil-chin-beto. Navajo material culture and photographs by Roger Manley.
  • Cynthia Bringle: A Fiery Influence. Ceramics by the Penland School potter.
  • Photographs from the Estate of Rick Horton. Photographs by, and collected by, artist Rick Horton.
  • Friends of the Gallery Collect. Objects from Raleigh private collections selected by Jack Lindsey, Philadelphia Museum of Art.
  • Stephen Assael: Ordinary/Extraordinary Figures. Drawings.
  • Buildings on a Small Scale. Small folk art houses.


  • Samuel Yellin Metalworkers: Three Generations. Architectural wrought iron by America’s greatest blacksmith.
  • Mildred Davis: A Collector’s Eye. Historic textiles.
  • Expressions of Generosity: Recent Gifts and Acquisitions.
  • Sherri Wood: Quilts. Quilts with religious subtexts.
  • The Little Black Dress: From Sorrow to Seduction. Costumes on a classic theme.


  • Coptic Textiles in the University’s Collection. Ancient Egyptian Christian textiles.
  • For God’s Eyes: Plates and Vases. Work from Penland residency by Tom Spleth and Moshe Gershuni.
  • Mark Hewitt, Potter. Contemporary wood-fired stoneware.
  • Fabulous Furniture: Rosanne Somerson. with Jenna Goldberg and Eck Follen. Contemporary cabinetry.
  • Simplicity, Order and Discipline: The Work of George Matsumoto. Drawings, models, and designs by the architect.
  • The Work of Eduardo Catalano. Architecture.
  • Yard of the Month. Contemporary landscape architecture.


  • Textiles: Tradition and Innovation. Bedouin, Israeli, Palestinian textiles.
  • Ceramics Israel. Contemporary Israeli ceramics.
  • Relative Visions: The Artistic Differences between a Mother and a Daughter. Jewelry by Mary Ann Scherr and Sydney Jo Scherr.
  • Act Three: Current Obsessions. New works and old from the permanent collection.
  • Act Two: Color and Texture.
  • A Multitude of Memory: The Life Work of Annie Hooper. Driftwood and concrete Biblical sculptures by the late NC outsider artist.
  • A Flutter of Fans. Objects from the permanent collection.
  • The Poetry of Dress. Lace from the permanent collection.
  • Maud Gatewood: Re-visions. Paintings, reliefs, and prints by the NC artist/educator.
  • Maud and Friends. Works by contemporaries of Maud Gatewood.


  • West Africa: New Pots from an Old Tradition.
  • Act One: Ways of Describing the World. First installation of Making A Collection: An Exhibition in Three Acts.
  • Bob Trotman: A Retrospective of Furniture and Sculpture.
  • Mark Leithauser: Paintings, Drawings and Prints.
  • Burlon Craig: An Open Window Into the Past. Ceramics and face jugs from the great NC folk potter.
  • Depression Documents: The Farm Security Administration in North Carolina. Photographs from the 1930s.
  • New Furniture by Joerling, Kopf, Ulinski.
  • Celebrating the Stitch. Contemporary embroidery.


  • Early Architectural Photography of NC by Johnston / Wooten. Images by two early female photographers.
  • Contemporary Egyptian Tapestries. Objects from the permanent collection.
  • Enduring Textile Traditions of West Africa: From the Spirit’s Mouth. Textiles from the permanent collection.
  • The Haliwa-Saponi Tribe of North Carolina. Native American regalia and artifacts.
  • Translating Value: North Carolina Cousins to the Crazy Quilt.
  • Vernon Owens: Master Potter.


  • This is Not Tramp Art. Chip-carved folk art wood objects.
  • Mathew Nowicki: Sketches and Visions. Architectural drawings and models.
  • Photographs of Science.
  • David N. Hyman: Photographs 1976-1992.
  • Cathay: Chinese Objects of Desire. Chinese artifacts.
  • Guatemalan Textiles: Color, Texture, Tradition.
  • Joe Owen: The Shy Potter. North Carolina pottery.


  • North Carolina Clay 1992.
  • Limbs: An Exhibition of Work by Randy Shull. Wood sculptures.
  • The Art of Building in North Carolina: Photographs by Tim Buchman. Architectural photographs.
  • The New Narrative: Contemporary Fiber Art.


  • Building A Visual Vocabulary. Work from the permanent collection.
  • The University Collects: Works Acquired for NCSU Collections Since 1968.


  • Charles Hinman: A Recent Work. Paintings.
  • The Continuous Process: The Artist as Teacher, The Teacher as Artist.


  • New Art/New Material. Artwork using nonwoven textile material Lutradur as a medium.
  • Under an Urging Moon: Recent Works by Rick Horton. Paintings by the NC State alum.
  • Photography on the Monterey Peninsula: The New Generation.


  • Walking on Heirs: An Exhibition of Fine Antique and New Persian Carpets.
  • Finery: An Exhibition of Art to Wear.
  • A Blessing from the Source: The Annie Hooper Bequest. Selected tableaux from the 3500 Biblical sculptures made by the NC Outer Banks self-taught artist.
  • Iterations: glass by Christine Baukus, sculpture by Bryant Holsenbeck, photographs by Elizabeth Stein, assemblage by Jean Wierzalis-Ezell.


  • Trains: from the Collection of the Neuse River Valley Train Collectors.
  • Seeing An Idea: Gifts and Acquisitions Since 1982.
  • Vernacular Pottery of North Carolina: 1982-1986.
  • Paintings by Jerry Cook.


  • SIGGRAPH ’85. Computer art.
  • Souvenirs: Drawings by Melissa Harris and Edwin F. Harris.
  • The Eastern Eye: Japanese Graphic Design. Traveling exhibition of graphic design.
  • Color: The Spectrum of Expression.
  • Spectacular Vernacular. Photographs of Asian and African architecture.


  • Houses of Justice. Photographs of court house architecture.
  • Built for the People of the USA: Fifty Years of TVA Architecture. Photographs.
  • America’s City Halls. Photographs of civic architecture.
  • Night Web: Preparatory Drawings by Dale Eldred.
  • The Bridges of Christian Menn: Photographs from Professor David Billington.
  • West African Textiles: Traditional Patterns and Techniques.


  • The Unseen Landscape: Textiles by Susan Wilchins and Ann Roth. Photographs by Marc Wilchins.
  • Southern Abstraction: Five Painters Work. Includes Herb Creecy, Tom Dimond, Herb Jackson, Richard Kevorkian and Whitney Leland.
  • SIGGRAPH ’83. Computer art.
  • Contemporary Printmakers.
  • The Southeastern Spectrum Group Exhibition.
  • Procession in Jerusalem. Paintings by Jack Levine.
  • Ten Afro-American Quilters. Ten quilts by African-American quilters.
  • Anglo-American Counterpoint. Ten quilts by Anglo-American quilters.


  • More Than Just Cloth. Fabric Collections by NC State Textile Design students.
  • Children’s World Festivals and Celebrations.
  • James McLean Retrospective: An Artist of the 30’s. Paintings by the major Raleigh artist.
  • The Henley Southeastern Spectrum Group Exhibition.
  • Philippe Halsman 79. Portrait photographs by a major fashion photographer.
  • Seny Norasingh: Photographic Exhibition. Color work by the Lao American photographer.
  • Folkroots: Images of Mississippi Black Folklife. Photographs.


  • Spaces and Places: Afro-American Values in Architecture.Photographs.
  • The Fall Exhibition: Objects from the University’s Permanent Collections.
  • Black Waters of the Carolinas. Photographs by Jerome Kohl.
  • Reflections: Prints in the 1980s. Contemporary etchings, engravings, and serigraphs.
  • The Works of Christof Drexel: Exhibition from the Goethe Institute. Paintings and drawings.


  • Six Photographers. Work by January Davis, Davis N. Hyman, Jerome Kohl, Marsha Presnell-Jennette, James Pressley and Susan Sherman.
  • Fifty Award Winners/Artists Living in the Southeast Group Exhibition.
  • Black History Month: Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture Work by Al Clark, Robert E. Hunter and Ron Williams.
  • David Driskell: A Survey. Paintings.


  • Photographs by Marshall Clayton and David Hyman.
  • Images of Earth from Space. Photographs.
  • Buildings for Best Products. Traveling exhibition from the Museum of Modern Art.
  • Chinese Brush Painting: Ellen Ma-Lin Ko.
  • Delphine Hancock: Water Color.
  • Annie May Andrews: Landscape Painting.
  • Walter Davis: An Exhibition of Paintings.
  • Photographs: Charles Springman/Benjamin Koonce.


  • The American Art Union: Early American Prints.
  • Wake County Annual Artists Exhibition.