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Animate Earth Virtual Tour

Click the image below to be taken to the gallery. A guided tour can be accessed after the tour has loaded by clicking the “play” icon in the lower left corner. Clicking on the main image will pause the tour so you can choose the descriptions of each display, available by clicking the icons. An enlargement of the photos is also available by clicking on the thumbnail image. We hope you enjoy the tour.

For the past several years Andy Nasisse has explored the figure in the landscape, engaging with what is probably the most basic impulse of the human imagination:  the tendency to “see things in things.” When we see shapes in clouds, look up at the Man in the Moon (or Rabbit in the Moon, if one is Asian), collect heart-shaped pebbles, or name cave formations for their resemblance to famous people, we experience a heightened sense of pareidolia.

But it is something we all do all the time in order to try to make sense of the world. Nasisse plays with this deeply planted instinct by focusing his lens on naturally eroded rock formations (mimetoliths are rocks that mimic something else), while also working in his clay studio to make ceramic sculptures that challenge the viewer to discern the intentionality that went into creating them. The tension between images of rocks that “accidentally” look intentional and ceramic sculptures that intentionally look accidental yields a rare opportunity to see how seeing works.

On display through July 9, 2021 in the Randy and Susan Woodson Gallery