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Fantastic Fauna Virtual Exhibition

Click the image below to be taken to the gallery. Descriptions of each display are available by clicking the gray bubbles (or open this PDF). We hope you enjoy the tour.

Fantastic Fauna Photo Gallery

Evolution. Differentiation. The wondrous variety of individual creatures, one from the other. Many scientists, thinkers, and theorists have put forth their ideas of how the multitude of all living creatures came into being.

Fantastic Fauna-Chimeric Creatures features factitious historical and scientific parodies by Dr. Beauvais Lyons, Director of the Hokes Archives and art professor at the University of Tennessee. Part archaeologist, part scientist, part satirist, part artistic visionary, Director Lyons, on behalf of the Association for Creative Zoology, presents evidence that exotica throughout the animal world is merely a representation of the creative presence in all things. Creatures that have never been seen before are examples of the “zoomorphic juncture”, or the combination of previously built species into new works of creation from the building blocks of existing organisms. They are presented as meticulously rendered lithographs and taxidermy specimens and stand as a representation of the Hokes Archives’ collection of imaginary archaeology, zoology, and medicine.

Prints presented in this collection include illustrations of such rare zoological creatures as the Giraffe Boa, the Monkey Centaur and the Nordic Hare Falcon. Director Lyons curated this collection of prints and other artifacts to serve as evidence that these fantastical creatures are merely tangible examples of divine creative inspiration and resulting flora and fauna.

Originally exhibited at Gregg Museum July 18, 2019 – January 26, 2020. To view individual images, visit here.