The Gregg Museum grants remarkable access to its collections. Donor support is critical to the success of our exhibitions and programs. You can support the work we do by becoming a member or renewing your membership, making a planned gift, or donating an object.

Friends of the Gregg membership program

What is FOG?

The Friends of the Gregg (FOG) is the Gregg Museum of Art & Design’s membership program, which is managed by the North Carolina State University Foundation. Membership dollars support the museum’s immediate and most urgent needs.

Why join FOG?

The Gregg’s North Star is accessibility, and central to that is being free to everyone. What we won’t charge in admission we need to make up for in other ways. One of the most important of these is membership.

We hope you’ll choose to become a Friend of the Gregg. We think there are lots of great reasons to be a member, but here are some of the highlights:

  • Doing good: You’ll be helping the Gregg be a free, open, and inspiring place for everyone.
  • Creating community: The bigger the Gregg family gets, the better everything we do will be. We need your energy, and membership is a great way to join in!
  • Having fun: We take the Gregg seriously, but we also enjoy a good time. Join the Friends of the Gregg and be invited to our annual membership celebration and other special events.

FOG Levels:

  • $0 Explorers – The world is your oyster, and the Gregg is your muse.
    • Open to currently enrolled NC State students.
  • $40 – $49 Designers (fully tax-deductible) – Through you, dreams become reality.
    • Open to all recent alumni of NC State.
  • $50 – $59 Educators (fully tax-deductible) – You mold our future through teaching and learning.
    • Open to all educators, including faculty and staff of NC State and K-12 teachers.
  • $60 – $74 Scientists (fully tax-deductible) – You make the impossible, possible.
    • Basic membership level for one individual.
  • $75 – $124 Horticulturalists (fully tax-deductible) – You cultivate life.
    • Basic membership level for all residents of the same address.
  • $125 – $349 Foresters ($15 is not tax-deductible) – Your generosity rivals the majesty of ancient forests.
  • $350 – $499 Anthropologists ($45 is not tax-deductible) – You know that all great societies foster art and generosity.
  • $500 – $1,199 Architects ($105 is not tax-deductible) – The laws of physics are no match for your peerless vision.
  • $1,200 – $2,499 Philosophers ($105 is not tax-deductible) – No thought or idea is too great for your inquiring mind and generous spirit.
  • $2,500 – $4,999 Engineers ($105 is not tax-deductible) – There is no puzzle you cannot solve.
  • $5,000 – $9,999 Astronauts ($165 is not tax-deductible) – Your generosity transcends the confines of Earth.
  • $10,000+ Leaders ($225 is not tax-deductible) – You illuminate the way to a bolder, more inspirational world.

You may choose to decline any donor benefits that may impact the tax-deductability of your gift.




For questions regarding membership, please contact Mona Fitzpatrick, Assistant Director of Development, at 919.513.6264 or email

The Friends of the Gregg is managed by the NC State University Foundation, Inc.