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Gregg Museum and “Crafting America”

Ben Venom "I Am The Night Rider" quilt featuring a skeletal rider

I’m interested in juxtaposing traditional handmade crafts with extreme elements found on the fringes of society. My work can be described as opposing forces colliding at lightning speed. Imagery found in vintage tattoos, the occult, and motorcycle gangs are stitched together with recycled materials using techniques usually relegated to your Grandmother’s sewing circle. Serious, yet attempting to take on a B-movie Horror film style where ridiculousness becomes genius. The question remains… Can I play with madness?

from the artist’s website

Photos: Above – “I Am The Night Rider” by Ben Venom; and
Below: “Crafting America” exhibition, including “I Am The Night Rider” by Ben Venom. (Photo by Ironside Photography, Courtesy of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art).

The Gregg Museum is pleased to have a piece from its collection included in the exhibition “Crafting in America” organized by the Crystal Bridges Museum. 
Check out this article about the exhibition

If you would like to learn more about the artist, register to attend a talk organized by the Crystal Bridges Museum this Thursday at 7pm with Ben Venom and Evan Pricco, editor of Juxtapoz magazine.

“I Am The Night Rider”
Ben Venom, 2015
Hand-made quilt using recycled T-shirts
Commissioned by the Friends of the Gregg Museum