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Submitting Artwork

Submitting Artwork for Exhibition

Our exhibitions are typically scheduled three to five years in advance. We do not solicit submissions from artists for solo shows, but we are always happy to have particular artists or their works brought to our attention. However, we can’t show or collect more than a small fraction of all the work we see.

Due to the volume of proposals and suggestions we receive, we are unable to acknowledge receipt of every suggestion, although we do keep information on file about interesting work and potential exhibitions.

If you don’t receive a response to a letter or email, please don’t interpret it as a judgment of quality or artistic ability. No response most likely means we have recently shown or acquired similar work, or that the work is not consistent with our mission or our current exhibition and programming goals.

Before sending us anything, we encourage you to consider our mission and programming to determine whether it’s appropriate to our museum and facilities. One of the best ways to do this is to visit the museum and see some of our changing exhibitions. It’s free, and we’ll be delighted to talk with you.

Will you review my portfolio?

We can review portfolios of original works for students and artists (for critical feedback only), but only by appointment, and only if staff is available. We do not provide feedback by email or social media, nor do we review portfolios submitted digitally, either online or on CDs. We feel it is important to see actual objects in person before offering responses to them.

Please do not drop off original work for review without prior agreement by phone or email—we cannot be responsible for any such materials hand-delivered and left at the front desk.

Please do not ship or mail original works of art, models, or portfolios. We cannot be held responsible for any materials sent to us. Because of frequently changing postal regulations and the large volume of mail we receive, we do not return submitted materials even if they are accompanied by self-addressed stamped envelopes and return postage.

Can you provide an art valuation?

We are restricted by law from providing appraisals. If you need a valuation of your art or possessions for tax, insurance, or sales purposes, we suggest visiting this website to identify an appraiser, or calling a reputable local art auction house for advice or appraisers’ contact information. There are several in the Raleigh area.