Design By Time: Virtual Exhibition on LINGAR

HOW TO USE THE LINGAR APP:  Design by Time is now available using the Lingar app on your mobile device, and features interpretive content in text, audio and video for each object.

A desktop version is also available from Lingar.

Lingar is a Boston, MA-based mobile application for cultural attractions. Lingar lets visitors unlock interpretive text, audio, video and augmented reality on smartphones or tablets (and computers during this stay at home period). When actually in the museum, the app will allow users to point their device cameras at a specific object to unlock content. This mobile version of the exhibition uses some of the same features, and allows users to see the exhibition from anywhere.

To access the tour:

  • On your smartphone or tablet, find the free Lingar app for IOS devices on the Apple App Store or Android devices on Google Play store.
  • Create a login or sign in using your Google or Facebook account.
  • Open the Lingar app and log in. (Figure 1). A prompt should appear. Please note: you will need to turn on the “location access” option on your device for the app to function.
  • Instead of pointing your camera, select the Gregg Museum of Art & Design as the venue (If there is no opening message prompting you to do so, please see Figure 2).
  • Once you choose the Gregg as the venue, you should see the mobile exhibition, and can view select objects (exhibits). (Figure 3).
  • Each object listing has text, video and audio included. Select the audio icon to listen to the narration, the video icon to see video, or scroll to read the text for each object in the exhibition.

Lingar Opening screenFIGURE 1

This is the opening screen when opening the Lingar app. Click okay to clear the message.

Choose Gregg as venueFIGURE 2

Once you select OK, choose the menu icon in the top left corner and select the Gregg Museum as the venue.

Gregg Museum exhibitFIGURE 3

The Gregg Museum Mobile exhibit will display.
Note the audio (left) and video (right) icons.