Activities – Crafts and More

Find here some exhibition-inspired activities and crafts, from coloring pages to jewelry making.

Folding Fan coloring page

Folding Fan


Inspired by All That Glitters 

All That Glitters – Folding Fan
All That Glitters – Beaded Sash
All That Glitters – Shriner’s Fez


Paper Beads

Jewelry Activity – Inspired by the exhibition All Is Possible: Mary Ann Scherr’s Legacy In Metal

Follow these simple instructions, and create unique jewelry pieces using nothing more than cut and folded paper, scissors, glue and string. Buttons, beads, jewels, pom pons and other embellishments can also be used.





Scavenger Hunts – coming soon!

Some activities do require a few simple supplies, others are self-contained. Enjoy, and be sure to tag the museum on any posts of the resulting creations! Thanks for your support of the Gregg Museum?

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